Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hi everyone!

sorry for the lack of posts! It's really haven't been my intentions to neglect my blog... and I've been telling myself since Monday to update it... it's just that I'm in a weird mood - no books in my TBR pile is screaming at me to be read and so, instead, I've been re-reading books... most of them are books taht I've already reviewed ^^; so yeah, not much to say LOL :)

I got an answer for optometry school which was also a NO... so now, yeah... well I was expecting it, since it's harder to get into optometry than pharmacy... so let see, I have wasted approx. 250$ on applications this year... is it me only, but I find it hella expensive! Ah well, it was probably my last time applying anyway. Now, I'm going to concentrate on my career - which means finding a better job and perhaps take some evening classes of some kind. Life sucks LOL :)

Aside from that, my life has been pretty normal and boring :P I think I'm going to have to find some activities to do, aside from reading ^^; By the way, my new obsession du jour is: Nodame Cantabile!!! It is an ongoing manga in Japan, which has been adapted into an 11-episodes Live Action Dorama (i.e. tv series) and also, into an anime. It's very funny! Basically, it's the story of Chiaki Shinishi, who's a talented music student, whose dream is to become an orchestra conductor. Only problem is that he's afraid of both planes and boats, so that means he's pretty much stuck in Japan... which is not the greatest place to learn music or become a professional. His latest piano teacher has given up on Chiaki and now, he's stuck with a new teacher who already has a weird student: Nodame. Nodame has a lot of talent, but lack discipline... and the story is about how both come to make their dreams come true. It's really funny and entertaining... so fans of manga, you should try it out. If you want, the live action has been subbed in english... just send me a message and I'll send you the link (you can watch it on the net).

I've actually lied earlier ^^; I have read some new books in addition to my re-read. I've read: Legacy of Lies by JoAnn Ross (an oldie), The Duke's Proposal by Leslie Lafoy and Jacob by Jacquelyn Franks. I'll be reviewing Legacy of Lies and The Duke's Proposal very soon... while Jacob's review will be a buddy review with Ames, posted on Twisted Kingdom. Aside from that, I have been re-reading a lot... went through: Slave to Sensation and Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh, Demon Angel by Meljean Brooks, re-read Jacob ^^; and I'm in the process of re-reading the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. So yeah, there'll be some reviews.

by the way, I have a favor to ask from everyone!!!! I've been looking for this book: Down By the River by Robyn Carr! It's part of a trilogy... and I was able to hunt the first book down, Ames found book 2... but neither of us can find this last book. I was wondering if someone could look at their UBS... cos I can't order it and can't even find on ebay! I would be really appreciated!

Finally, but not last:



  1. Hey Nath! I've been wondering about you.

    Did you like Jacob, then? I thought it was pretty good, IIRC. But then, I haven't re-read it, so i could be wrong.

    Sorry you wasted $$ and didn't get in. :( BIG HUGS!

  2. Hey Holly! I've also been wondering about you! Waiting for your post for Mother's Day! :D I like Jacob, it was good... there's only one thing that nagged me, but it was pretty good :D I didn't even mind the heroine falling out her window.

    Yeah, well for optometry and $$, that's life :(

  3. Your attitude is amazing. Way to keep on keepin' on kiddo.

  4. Sorry about optometry school! That sucks. But I'm sure you'll figure out something even better. ;)

    I looked on paperback swap for the Carr, but it's not available there. :)

  5. Hey, glad you are back. That sucks about the schools and the money. Can't wait for the reviews. I will keep and eye out at my ubs for the book.

  6. That sucks about optometry school. Good luck with finding a better job. :)

  7. Rosie - not many options :D Suck it off and move on to something better :D As for Japanese, I did take a summer class and it was great... but it was the "polite" japanese and not really the slang which would allow me to watch dorama and anime ^^;

    Jennie - it's all right :D and thanks for checking on paperawap... I didn't think about it, because it is restricted to USA. Man, it is a difficult book to find!

    Kris - I miss you too! it seems that you haven't been blog-hopping as much right? thanks for checking for me at the UBS!

    Isabel - I hope to get lucky in that aspect, if not in schooL :D

  8. HUGS

    PUPPY HUGS!! Max wants to know if he needs to bite someone for you. LOL

    I'm still looking for the third book too. Let's work on that Jacob review soon-before Gideon comes out. WOOHOO. :P

  9. Ames - HUGS!!!! Let me think of it, but only if Max feels better :D and yeah, let me start Jacob's review :D