Friday, May 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy, pay toll and whatever I can think of...

You know, sometimes it's reall worth to check your spam... especially when they contain Maria V. Snyder's newsletter and a response email from Laura Florand!!! What were they doing in spam?!?! So... just before starting my ranting LOL, I'll give you two good news (but then, perhaps you already knew ^^; )

Both authors, Maria V. Snyder and Laura Florand are writing new books!! Yeah :D Maria is writing Book#4 of the Study series; however, main character won't be Yelena... and Laura is writing a new book, fiction this time. Ain't that great news!!! :D Well it makes my day for sure :D

Now, onto the ranting...

Grey's Anatomy - I've just started watching the show starting from February I think. Now, don't ask me why I'm watching the show when I think it's too melodramatic... but I do. I even went and rent the Season 2, cos you can't understand much without it. I didn't watch Season 1, since I basically don't care about Derek and Meredith. The only reason why I would watch Season 1 is to see the interaction btw the interns and how they came to live together... So yesterday was Season 3 Finale... and yes, there was one or two interesting twists, but otherwise, the finale was meh. All right, it was more than meh, it was frustrating. I think they've just wasted 2 years of work! You're basically back at square 1. And Addison got her spin-off so she's gone for sure and that sucks in my opinion... she makes the show interesting... cos otherwise, all you have is Izzy in love with Georges who's being wishy-washy, while his wife, Callie, is sending killer stares at Izzy. Yang is not made to be a wife, all she wants in life is to be a surgeon. Then by god, let her be a surgeon and makes her shut up. Meredith and Derek are the two most immature persons I've ever seen, particularly Meredith. I think they deserve each other... oh and I don't care about Alex. So yeah, the scriptwriters will have to come up big next season to salvage the show... otherwise, I don't think it'll last long.

Now, pay tolls. Montreal is a rather nice city... quiet... and perhaps a tad boring. It's also on an island and so that means, I have to cross a bridge to get to Montreal... My dad, he's a saint, crosses 2 bridges to get to work... and what did I read in the newspapers yesterday? That the mayor of Montreal want to put back pay tolls!!!! (okay, I might have the wrong word, it may not be pay tolls, but it's those stations where you have to pay to continue on the road)... Apparently, it'd be 1$ to cross the freaking bridges!!!!!! Can you imagine?!?! The worst is that the money wouldn't be put in our roads! (and oh God, do we need new roads... I bet Quebeckers are the one with the highest numbers of potholes/person.) No, the money would go to the city of Montreal, especially downtown, so they can improve public transport and install tramways. Euh... tramways?!?! Who needs tramways?!? So our public transport isn't that great compare to other cities (I'm thinking London, Tokyo, etc), but in North America, it is quite decent. So why would we need to waste money in tramways?!?! Also, don't you find it unfair? I mean, the heart of everything is on the island. I have to cross the bridge 2x/day to go to work and get home!!! My dad has to cross 2 bridges only to get to work! Anyway, I'm sorry, but I'm just totally angry. I think it's unfair to make us pay just because the city doesn't have enough money. In comparison, I guess i'd be more willing to pay a "downtown" taxes, but I find it useless to pay just to cross a bridge when I don't even go to downtown Montreal. I think the public park-o-meters are expensive enough... It was 1.50$/hour 2 years ago... now, it's 3$/hour!!! That only makes the private parkings richer.

All right, I'm going to stop here... I think that covers it all...


  1. See, I rented Season 1, skipped Season 2 and started with Season 3.

    I like Izzy. I know people (holly) hate her cause of what she did in season 2, but because I didn't see all that, I like her. I feel bad that she finally realized her feelings towards George too late.

    I really don't think Callie should have been made Chief. Bailey should have been made Chief.

    I like Alex. Didn't care of him in the beginning, but now I want him to have his happy ending with Ava/Rebecca.

    And Christina... damn, I felt bad.

  2. Last night's Grey's was definitely disappointing. You're so right, it's like we're back at square one.
    I'm looking forward to Addison's spin off, I really love her. I think that 2 hour thing they did was kind of annoying but I was more interested in Addison than what was happening in Seattle. I have to say I really liked the scene at then end when Christina is trying to tear all the clothes off. I could see that being me on my wedding day...freaking out. But her poor eyebrows...oh my! Over all it was disappointing. And I agree with Isabel, Bailey deserved to be Chief . I dislike Callie a lot. Especially when she suspects that George isn't in love with her so she tries to trap him with a baby. (Guh, ok, this is too long a comment...!!!!)

  3. That's horrible about the tolls. I do prefer that term trolls however. :P But Winnipeg has the worst potholl/person ratio. *sigh*

    I'm shaking my head over Grey's. Letdown city.

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  5. I hate Izzy. I think she needs to get booted off the show, and while I'm not convinced that Callie and George should be together, I do NOT want Izzy and George together. Blech. I want Izzy alone and miserable. LOL

    As for Callie giving her dirty looks...I'm glad. If I were Callie, I'd be WAY jealous of Izzy and George, and like Addison said, if she thinks there's a problem, there probably is.

    Der and Mer? Ugh. Derek was right when he said Mer keeps running and I just want her to drown (yes, I'm mean like that).

    What I want to know is why the Chief didn't talk to Bailey. She should be chief and even though I understand that he's had a change of heart and thinks family is more important, that doesn't mean Bailey should be short changed.

    Sorry about the transpo thing. That bites!

    And WOOOHOOO about MVS. YAY!

  6. Isabel - yeah, well... I like Izzy well enough, but the truth is, I don't care about her enough to love or hate her. It is sad for her to have discovered her feelings for George too late. Basically, something must happens in that love triangle. As for Alex, he let his chance slips, the idiot.

    B.Harlot - Yeah, wasn't it disappointing? I don't know, I love Addison's character, but the spin off doesn't look great. Oh and that was horrible the eyebrowless Christina! OMG, no wonder she lost all her sense of self ^^; I don't think that Callie is trying to trap George into the marriage. I don't think she realize that George has feelings for Izzy... she pretty much thinks it's one way, i.e. Izzy --> George. I mean, if she was trying to trap George, she wouldn't ask him right?

    Ames - oh right, pay tolls. well i wasn't that far off. But it's insane... and potholes/person, I bet you, Quebec wins, hands-down.

  7. Hey Holly :D

    LOL, i don't care about Izzy. She can drown or live a HEA... doesn't concern me. Derek is indeed right about Meredith... but he's the same. Basically, i think that both should be together and miserable. I dislike Meredith, but I hate Derek even more...

    As for Callie, well yeah, her dirty looks are justified. I mean, I'd be pissed too. It's just too bad for her that George wasn't invested in their relationship from the get-go. :( as for Bailey, I think she went into it a bit too over-confident... ah well, we'll see next season how it goes.

    and yeah, youppi for MVS!! by the way, Holly, you should try Blame it on Paris by Laura Florand. I'm sure it's a book you're going to like :D For some reasons, I think that both your writing styles are similar :D

  8. Well, I do not watch Grey's Anatomy so I cannot comment about it.
    My newsletter from Maria Snyder was in my spam folder as well, wierd.

  9. My niece is in such an uproar over Greys that she's coming over to discuss it at lunch and I didn't see it nor do I watch Greys.

    As for the tolls. Yeah, they suck. However, and my experience is limited, when we lived in Ohio and had to pay tolls for certain stretches of highway there was a monthly discounted card for commuters. Maybe Montreal will have something like that available too.

  10. I know about tolls. We have a lot down here and they are going up all the time. It sucks!!!!

  11. For some reasons, I think that both your writing styles are similar :D

    Should I take this as a compliment? LOL

    Alright, I'm going to order it now. I need SOMETHING to get me out of this slump. *sigh*

  12. I just started watching Grey's this season - not every week - just sometimes. And when I do I don't know why because most of them are so dislikeable. And I'm with Holly. I intensely dislike Izzied!! And Meredith - well make up your mind woman!
    As for the spin-off - well I will watch that. Uh - Tim Daly? Hell yea I'll watch it!

  13. I love Izzy - can't help it and I love George and Alex. But damn, they killed off two gorgeous men - Denny and the bombsquad guy - loved that epi where Mer was dead but only because I got to see Denny.

    The thing about these stories is they can't live HEA cause why would we watch. I like Christina better when she isn't with Burke and would like to see her with someone completely different.

    Having Derek tell Mer she is the love of his life - uh, yeah, but you met a woman. Ugh.

    Me? I like the drama ;)

    Tolls suck.


  14. Kris - weird right? since the first few newsletters went to my inbox...

    Rosie - LOL, it was a bad finale. As for the pay tolls, well I just hope the plans won't go through and there just won't be any :( We're already taxed enough, no need to add pay tolls, in my opinion.

    Mailyn - I know!!! I wonder who got that brillant idea :( Should be shot, although I'm pretty sure that person is dead already :D

    Holly - Sure it is a compliment! It'll just crack you up :D

    Kristie - I hope you enjoy the spin-off :D As for the characters... I've just decided I didn't care... so why the heck am I still watching it? I wonder...

    Cindy - well I'm glad at least someone is enjoying the show :D I agree that who would watch the show , if it was all HEA... but it's a bit too much drama in my opinion...

  15. I like Alex too, I used to be a really big Derek/Meredith fan but those two are just so bleeping stupid they make me want to barf chunks!

    I'm not that big of an Izzy fan either but I don't hate her (like Holly does, hehe) ...I thought her little thing with George was cute at first but now, I'm not so's kind of getting on my nerves, but whatever.

    I don't really care about Christina or Burke either, so yeah, meh on them.

    Do you know who the next book in the Studies series is going to be about? That's great news for you about your two authors writing new books! =)

    And that sucks about the trollways, that definitely blows chunks too! ;)


  16. I have never seen that show. I feel so left out, lol

  17. Rowena - yeah, Derek and Meredith, it's getting tiring... I have to admit, I really don't know why I'm watching the show. Izzy and Georges, it was okay at first... and then, it got sooo complicated. Face it girl, when you have sex with your best friend, everything changes...esp. if he's married!!

    the new Study book... I don't know what it's about... it's a new heroine that's going to be introduced in Fire Study. and yeah, it was two great news :D

    Chantal - lots of drama in the show... it's kind of addictive, but it isn't that good ^^;