Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Review: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot by Stephanie Rowe

Sigh, last week has really been a slow reading week for me, but I did manage to read one book! Yes, one book only... well I guess it's better than nothing and at least, I have something to blog about right?

The book I've managed to read is He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot (HLMHLMH) by Stephanie Rowe, the 3rd book in the Immortal Sexy series. I like both previous books, Date Me Baby One More Time (DMBOMT) and Must Love Dragons (MLD)... but I think this one is the best, especially if you like Satan.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot by Stephanie Rowe: 4/5
published by Warners Books in May 2007

About a hundred years ago, Satan's demons, the Markku, rebelled against Hell in order to gain their freedom. To punish and exterminate them, Satan created a new race of demons, the Rikva, and this time, made sure they wouldn't have a way to break the energy link between him and the demons, that maintained them alive.

Becca is Satan's right-handed woman, his number 1 Rikva. She's different from other demons as in, although she is Satan's servant, she doesn't obey him completely. Instead, she's able to defy him and most of the time, find loopholes to the orders. However, she's fed up and wants to be free, thus she tries to find a way to do the impossible: break the link between her boss and her.

Nick Rawlings is half-healer, half-Markku. His best friend, Jerome - part of the Council, has asked him to guard the melted Satan Jr... Unfortunately for Nick, someone uses his little sister to blackmail him and she ends up caught in one of Satan's torture tool. As a result, Nick doesn't have a choice, he needs Becca's help to save his sister...
Genre: paranormal romance, comedy, demons, Hell, Satan
Series: Immortal Sexy series, Book 3

Review: It's only been 2 weeks and already, I feel my reviewer's skills are rusty! LOL :) So that synopsis wasn't the best, sorry ^^; All in all, I enjoyed this book, mainly because it was funny and because of Satan... the man is so ridiculously funny. Storyline-wise, it is ridiculous and a bit too much; however, that's the style of this series... so readers know what to expect. All in all, a pretty funny book :D

The Characters - Main characters are Becca and Nick. I thought there would be rivalry between them, after all, Rikva killed Markku, but no. I felt for Becca - she doesn't like her job and Satan can be hard to tolerate, but she cares for him. She understands Satan very well and I think that it's understandable why Satan wants to keep her by his side so much. As for Nick, well he was okay in the overprotective, possessive way. The attraction between Becca and Nick happened really rapidly and actually, I think the timeline of the book was a few days (2 or 3 days)... So what am I saying? That there was a lack of characterization, that the characters were a bit cliche and one-dimensional... but that the storyline and dialogue saved this book.

Oh, and I think one of the most interesting character was Satan :D I wonder how it is for Ms Rowe to have him in her head... must be tiring :D

The Story & Writing Style - Same as in the two previous books. My problem is that everything happens too fast and there's a lot of thing happening... but I was still able to follow. The funniest thing I think is that the one who has evolved the most is actually Satan :D I like how he stood up and decided to "break-up" with Iris... personally, Iris annoys me :P As for writing style, not much to say really.

The Cover - I liked the cover :D Although I have to say, the titles are a bit long ^^;

Am I keeping this book? Yeah.

Anything else? A funny read, without much content, but still funny :D


  1. I'm glad you posted this. I ordered it from Chapters, and it is on it way. Yay.

    I do like Satan. He is so blunt and funny.

    P.s-It's a little thing, but you might want to change your title so that people who search for reviews of this book will find you. "He loves me, He loves me hot".
    You have not instead of hot.

  2. AHHH! I always thought the title was He Loves Me, He Loves Me NOT!!! since when did it changed to Hot?!? LOL :D

    I think you're going to enjoy this one Chantal :D it's better than Must Love Dragons :D

  3. I;ve just bought Must Love Dragons. I've been thinking about buying it for months...and finally did it!

  4. I have not read any i nthis series yet, I might have to try to find them.

  5. I'm waiting until I read MLD before I buy this, but glad you liked it. :P

  6. For some reason this series doesnt appeal to me ... am I truly missing something??

  7. Marg - how big is your TBR pile Marg? I'm just curious :D cos it seems lately, you have a lot of good books in your TBR pile :D

    Kris - I think you'll enjoy it :D by the way, how have you been lately? Haven't heard much of you!

    Ames - I think HLMHLMH is better than MLD :) anyway, I'll lend you my copy if you need it :D

    Zeek - the truth, no, you're not missing anything. It's a fun series, but not that meaningful :D

  8. i have been doing fine Thanks :) Nine days left of school and counting. If I do not kill one of the kids before then we are doing good.

    Question, I just got a copy of this book from a friend, do I need to read the others i nthe series first or will it stand by itself?

  9. Hey Kris :D it's so cool to be a teacher sometimes... lots of vacation :D So you just got HLMHLMH? YOu need to read the rest to understand what's going on... it's not a standalone series... better at least read book 1.