Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Review: The Duke's Proposal by Leslie Lafoy

Finally, a book to review LOL :D You know, it's really fun to be part of a group blog, but it does decrease the number of posts here ^^; especially since I'm a big fan of paranormal romance... All right, so one of the book I've read during the past week-end was The Duke's Proposal by Leslie Lafoy. I got this book because Ames was interested in it :D LOL Yeah, I know, I'm that easy! No, but seriously, I was quite bored and wanted to read something...

The Duke's Proposal by Leslie Lafoy: 2.75/5
published in May 2007

Ian Cabott is Duke Dunsford as well as a surgeon. His task this season is to find a bride, marry and produce a heir which shouldn't be difficult as his is the best prospect on the marriage mart. Then, one night, while he is still in the processus of choosing, Fiona Turnbridge appears on his doorstep asking for him to use his medical skills to save her beloved cat. At first, Dunsford refuses... until Fiona points a gun at him ^^; It is only the next morning that Fiona leaves Ian's house and so, out of duty, Ian has decided to ask for her hand.

Fiona and her two older sisters were by-blows of the previous Duke of Ryland. All three have had quite a scandalous past and her older sisters, scandalous relationships before leading to marriage. In truth, Fiona does not expect anyone to be interested in marrying her, because there is a rumor in the society that she
a bit "odd" and that she "sees/feels" things. However, once Ian proposes, she doesn't want to settle for a marriage of convenance... she wants it all.
Genre: historical romance
Series: The Turnbridge sisters, Book 3

Review: This book was okay... The whole story was focused on Fiona and Ian's relationship and Ian discovering the whole depth of Fiona's person. I thought something was missing and the author seemed to forget to finalize some details, but on a whole, the book was interesting enough to make me curious about the two previous books... and so I'll probably hunt them down.

The Characters - Both characters were a bit bland in my opinion. Apparently, Fiona had some kind of psychic abilities either premonition or clairvoyance, which set her apart in society. However, it seems that the author forgot this little detail at some point in the book and it was never mentionned again. Now, this is something I've seen happening in a couple of books already and it annoys me. Don't make your characters to have something "special" and just forget about it! And it wasn't just with her psychic abilities, but her handicap as well. Even her love of animals and rescuing them! Basically, I thought that Fiona wasn't well developed. It was as if the author had all those great ideas, introduced them, but didn't develop :( As for Ian, I thought he was a bit insensitive... and basically, very man as in, he didn't listen to what Fiona had to say. I think he's actually a forgettable hero, but perfect for the purpose of this book. However, I have to say that I liked the secondary characters - Caroline and Simone, the two sisters, as well as the current Duke Ryland.

The Story & Writing - Although I seem to have many complains, the book wasn't that bad... and I think it's due to the storyline. It is a simple one and perhaps not very original, but it was enjoyable. Perhaps it was a bit superficial, as in, the author didn't go very deep in some of the issues, but it's all right if all you want is read and not think too deeply :P As for the writing, my only real complaint was really the author starting with some ideas and never giving suite to them.

The Cover - Okay... could be better.

Am I keeping this book? Not sure yet. i think it's going to depend on the two other books. Right now, I'd say I wouldn't keep this book for long-term.

Anything else? Yes, if you're expecting hot sex scenes, just skip this book. There are some sexual tension (although the heroine can't recognize it), but no sex scenes. Even when she loses her virginity...


  1. Good review. I can't believe I fell for that line about her pet rescues. I'm still gonna read this.

  2. LOL ^^; well they need something to suck you in and they got you LOL :D unfortunately, there wasn't much emphasis on the pet rescues... she did save her own cat and allude of going to see some injured horses, but that's about it ^^;

  3. Leslie Lafoy is one of those hidden gem authors for me. I've read pretty much all of her books. I don't have this one yet and the second in the series is still TBR - but I loved the first one in this series. So I'd say it's well worth tracking down in say a UBS :)