Friday, May 04, 2007

My birthday...

Hello everyone!

First I'd like to thank Ames and Zeek for their post for my b-day :D Also, thank you to everyone who posted and wished my Happy birthday! :D I really appreciate and it's always special to have someone wishing you the best on your birthday :D

Still no reviews.... I think I'm having the reading blues. I've been anticipating some books so much and read them as fast as I could and as soon as they showed up at my doorstep that now... I don't feel like reading and actually, don't know what to read :( I mean, sure I have some books and have bought books, but do they appeal to me as much as those I was anticipating? Not really LOL... so I'm taking my time. Plus, I've been tired and sleepy lately... so when I try to read, I ended up falling asleep to my sister great dismay (cos that means she has to close my light and apparently, I'm very incoherent when half-asleep LOL).

Anyway, hopefully, I'll get my reading mojo back. I'm already making my list of pre-orders for June LOL! Meanwhile, I went out with some friends yesterday for my b-day. I usually spend the night of my birthday with my parents and sister, but my parents are on a trip... So I went out with friends. Had a lot of fun, since we went shopping. They bought me a dress... LOL. Now, it was my first time shopping with my friend Karin and it was great :) She has great taste and she chose stuff and handed them to me to go try out... see, I didn't have to think about it! So while she was looking at clothes for me, I was talking to her boyfriend, Sam... then, I'd go try out the clothes and they'd decided... I'm a casual dresser... jeans, t-shirt and sweater or hoodie over to keep my warm (it's still a bit chilly). In the summer, all my t-shirts are sleeveless! LOL :) I wear sneakers, have two pairs of relative nice/clean shoes and one pair of high heels shoes that I've bought, oh, 6-7 years ago! So yeah, at 24 years old, I think it's time for me to update my wardrobe a little bit, something a bit more mature and nicer. You know last week, for my interview for optometry school, I had to borrow clothes from my YOUNGER sister? LOL... Can't really go interview with sporty/casual clothes on... Oh well, so yeah, I had lots of fun :D They bought me a dress... that I'd never buy if I was alone... it looked funneh, but they said it looked nice. It wasn't a fancy dress, just one that you can wear every day to go out... but not a sundress. I also got a nice shirt... so now, all I need is "fancy" pants... The thing is, clothings are so expensive nowadays... especially for the quality you get.

After shopping, we went to eat to this "fancy" restaurant. You know, the fusion kind... where they offer a lot of food - pasta, meat, sandwhichs - not completely North American, but North Americanized. So yeah, the atmosphere was nice, a bit noisy, but the food wasn't great :( and the service sooo long. So it ruined a bit the evening (cos we all love to eat so much)...

Ah well, that's all for me right now :D Have a nice day!

ps - anyone has plans for the week-end?


  1. Ack, I missed your birthday.


  2. I missed your bday? *gasp* How awful I am. Awwww....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (belatedly)

  3. Hey girls :D ah, don't worry about my birthday... I think that only Ames knew :P

    Chantal - Merci! I got your book on my b-day, so it was like a b-day present :D

    Holly - thanks! it's fine :D you're still high from your engagement LOL :D

  4. Nath I'm so glad you had a good time last night. This weekend our only plan is to see Spidey 3. My sons are treating it like it's a national holiday or something. They really like Spidey and Batman.

  5. Awww, sounds like a good time!

    Sat. is my Dad AND my favorite cousin Dee's b-day. Since it's her 40th- yeesh are we really that OLD! LOL!- we're having a big cookout. Should be fun!

  6. You got my card? :)

    Happy B-day...

  7. Happy (belated) birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you had a great day :)

  8. Oh man, we've got the same style of dressing!! LOL

    Glad you had a good time with your friends.

  9. Happy Birthday, well belated sweetie! =)

    I hate when I can't find something that I want to read...the reading blues suck! I hope they go away soon, because you should be reading...

  10. Happy Birthday! Bonne fête! A few days late, sorry. :(

  11. Accckkkk!!! Happy Belated Birthday. I meant to say this earlier, but got busy on the weekend. Mia Culpa and again Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  12. belated birthday wishes! Hope your special day was a great one!!

  13. I'm glad you had fun on you Bday with your friends and, once again, happy late bday.

    I hope your reading mojo comes back. Maybe you should try something new? I have a few books a romance lover like you would love. ^__^