Sunday, May 27, 2007

Convocation pictures!!!

Hey everyone!!

I really wanted to update yesterday and post the pictures of my convocation, but I had to wake up real early and it was quite a busy day. So, here they are, pictures!!! Try to figure out which person is me LOL :D

So, McGill has two campus, one downtown and the other, McDonald campus, is quite far away, about 35-40 min, and it's a really nice place. The McDonald campus has a lot of grenery and fields, because it's where the environmental and agriculture, parasitology and food science departments study. Anyway, our convocation was at the McDonald campus... and because it was only one convocation ceremony (downtown campus has like so many, spread on a week)... they didn't pitch the tent... and it was sunny and HOT (30°C)!!! So yeah, we were positively roasting.

So we got there in time and got our gowns :D Now, it's funny because the gowns are different if you're a bachelor, a master or Ph.D. student :P Bachelors and Masters have black gowns, but Masters don't have sleeve... and the thing you put around your shoulders is also different, Masters are more simple while Bachelors have fur on it. Now, Ph.D. gowns are the most funny and special :D as they are red and green and they get to keep their gown :P In addition, they have a special hat instead of the usual cap LOL :P They have this nice hat that looks like from the renaissance period...

So you get outside and wait till the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor say their speech. They give away the teaching awards to two teachers... and give a diploma to the honorary "person." After all that, they finally start giving away the diplomas (yeah!! because we've been waiting for 40 min already LOL). Ph.D. are given their diploma first, followed by Masters students and finally, Bachelors. If it's your first degree, you have to take out your cap and the Chancellor will gently tap on your head... If it's not your first degree, then you get to keep your cap on!!! and you shake hands with the chancellor :P Everyone is given a green ticket, so when it's finally time for the diploma, you wait at the bottom of the stage. When it's your turn, you walk up, give half of the green ticket so the person calls your name. Then, you shake hand with the Chancellor and finally, marched down the stage and get your diploma in a big rectangular envelop. Finally, when everything is done, it's party and picture time LOL!!

So some other pictures with the people from my program :

All right :D so I'm stopping here :D Figure out who is me? LOL :D Answer to come later today or perhaps tomorrow :D And I did narrow it down for you guys :D

Okay, well I'm off to buy books now :D Later!


  1. Congrats again! Very exciting!

    Hmm, let's see...I say there are two possibilities (you did narrow it down) and I think you're the taller of the two?


  2. Congrats Nath!!

    You're lucky it was a nice sunny day, although you were hot. :P

    My guess is the one with the big beautiful smile.

  3. Congrats nath, that is exciting. Also looks like it was beautiful weather, always a plus when outdoors. I am horrible at placing people so I am not going to try, all you ladies (and one guy) looked happy and beautiful that day. :)

  4. Congratulations! I looked at some of the pics and I agree with holly. :)

  5. Sorry I'm late on this but ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    ...I'm going with shorter with the beautiful smile too!

  6. Congrats Nath!!!

    I have no idea but all of the women you're with are beautiful so you're in good company sweetie!

  7. First, thank you everyone :D I really appreciate your comments and your wishes :D

    second, the answer is up LOL :D

    Ames, Raspberry Swirl and Zeek got it right LOL :D I'm the shortie :D

  8. A belated congratulations!

  9. A belated congratulations! That's a great accomplishment!