Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventures to the bookstore - Iron Hunt

All right, by now, you all know I suffer from the "must-have-NOW" syndrome when it comes to books and particularly new releases. I can't help it...

So the book I've been looking for all week was Iron Hunt by Marjorie Liu. I went to 3 different bookstore this week. On Monday, bookstore no. 1 told me that Iron Hunt was not released yet (it was coming out the next day) and to come back the next day. Hmmm, I doubt. I ask the guy to look for In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath which came out on June 13 and he couldn't find it in the backroom. What were the chances that someone would put the book on the shelves the next day?

On Tuesday, I went to bookstore no. 2. They just didn't have the book at all. Total disappointment... and they couldn't find Bound by Shadow by Anne Windsor, even though they had received it the Friday ago.

After bookstore no. 1 and 2, my only option left were one of the bookstore in downtown. I went to Indigo, just because I like it better than Chapters (the atmosphere) and also, Indigo downtown that's the store I've been complaining that they leave their books around in carts and boxes, so I can at least look for it myself. I knew they had 6 copies. I go to the bookstore and find Bound by Shadow on the new releases table. Good start! Now, where is Iron Hunt?!? Not on the new release table... not shelved with her Dirke and Steele series... I turned towards the carts: 3 of them and all extremely full. Next to them? 6 boxes piled up on top of each other... Hmmm. Let's the search begins!! (I was also on a time limit because I had to pick up a friend...) So I started searching through the carts... Nada. Nothing... and there I am, puffing and getting frustrated. I have to admit, I don't like to look through boxes though. It looks a bit impolite... I mean, books on cart, they're already unpacked... books in boxes? Looks a bit desperate... but there I am, desperate!!! Because this is the third attempt and I am not going back without it!! Oh no, I am not!! So I start look through boxes... the ones on top, so I don't have to move them around. Nope, not in them too.

So there I am, looking at the boxes, increasingly frustrated and still puffing... Should I move the boxes or not? Then I see this girl shyly starting to search through the carts. After a moment of hesitation, I asked her what book she was looking for. She looks up at me really weirdly. Did I mention, weirdly?!? as if it was none of my business. Hey, I'm just being nice here, helping a fellow book lover. So she tells me she's looking for the new Lorraine Heath. Ha, I pluck it out of the cart without hesitation! Isn't she lucky I asked her? Of course, sh wouldn't help me looking for Iron Hunt. So I turned to a clerk. Isn't that usually their job? We check the computers... and now, in my defense, here what I have to say... when I check online, it only tells me how many copies they have... it's only when you check in-store on the computer system that it tells you where you can find it... SCIENCE-FICTION!!!

WTH is it doing in Sci-fi?!?!? and there they were... I knew Iron Hunt was going to be less romance-y, but sci-fi?!? Anyway, I left the store with it... and since it's still the 4 for 3 sale... I got To Wed a Highlander by Michele Sinclair, Bound by Shadow by Anne Windsor and Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione (that one, i found in one of the boxes).


  1. How sad is it that my B&N usually has the stocking carts sitting in the aisles and I frequently sort through them to pull out a book I'm looking for...ANNOYING.

  2. Jeez! Where do you live and what the heck store was that? That sucks big time. I only have a Waldenbooks and it's SMALL and they stock better than that. Sheesh. HUGS Nath! As if reading the one book (pfft) wasn't bad enough this week!

  3. Wow, what an adventure, indeed.

    I went back to Chapters today. I got Lessons from a Courtesan (Jenna Petersen)
    Highland Fire (Hannah Howell)
    High Noon, and Hidden Riches (Nora ROberts)

    Last week I got,
    Through the veil (Shiloh Walker) What a lady wants (Michelle Maroos)
    A Tumble through time (I forget the author-the book is in my purse, I'm too lazy to get up and check)
    Lover Enshrined (JR Ward)

    Are you surprised about the Nora Roberts books? I am.
    I read a few of her very early ones and I didn't like them. I was in a hurry today because the kids were starting to act up, so I had to hurry up and pick two more books. I picked high noon because Nora looks so pretty on the back cover (I know, what a reason to pick a book)
    I picked Hidden treasures, because it was the first one out of the massive list of NR titles that wasn't part of a series.

    Wait-is high noon a series book? If it is it better be the first one. I'll be pissed if I have to drive all the way back to the store to get the first one. I HAVE to start at book one for series books. I have to. It's an illness or something.

    Also, I'm impressed with the way Nora acts online. She is very classy.
    All those books, and all those fans can't be wrong, so I am trying to read her again now.

  4. I am glad that you found your books. My library has Iron Hunt in Sci-fi as well not in romance or fiction. Sorry it took you so long to find them and so much frustration. Hope that they are worth it. :)

  5. Wow, I've been looking for it too and haven't found it yet. Maybe I should check the Science Fiction/Fantasy section, next time.

    I had a similar experience with Through the Veil. I went in one day and saw a large stack of them. Since there were so many and I wasn't sure if I wanted it, I decided to wait and look for reviews on it first. Two days later I went in and I couldn't find the book. I looked everywhere and asked about it too. No one knew where it had gone, though it was in the system as being in the store. It took them a week to find the missing books with me calling them every day about it. Then I finally get Through the Veil and I ended up not liking it. :-(

  6. Oh my gosh, that book store ought to be ashamed of itself. I mean if they can't be more accomadating they will lose business.

    I was in the grocery store on Saturday and I always glance at the books when I get to the magazine aisle and low and behold they had The Iron Hunt.

    Now that I think about it, my library always shelves urban fantasy as science fiction. So maybe bookstores do too.

  7. Sorry everyone for the late reply...

    Rosie - I know, it is super annoying!! however, at least, we can look through them... I know that bookstores receive a lot of books everyday, but I wonder how hard is it for them to just shelve it as it comes?

    Anne - Montreal and it's a big store :P As for reading bad books, good books, you can't usually help it :(

    Chantal - Wow, you got a really good haul :D It's nice to buy books, right? LOL :) What a lady wants by Michelle Maroos... never heard of it. any good? AS for the NR question, I answered already :D

    Kris - Well given that the publishing house is Ace for Iron Hunt, I'm now not surprised that it's in Sci-fi... I don't think it's misclassified... I was just a bit surprised that it wasn't romance.

    Brie - Yeah, you should check it out in sci-fi.

    it also sucks for Through the Veil :( isn't that the pit? putting so much efforts into looking for a book and in the end, not liking it?

    Jill - They won't lose the business. There's not that many bookstore in Montreal that offers a great selection of books in English... and they're right downtown, so no matter what, they won't lose the business... unfortunately :(

    Bookstores usually are pretty good separating sci-fi and urban fantasy... I think it's harder however in libraries...

    and yay, you got Iron Hunt!