Monday, June 30, 2008

Annual BBQ

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week-end... not that I usually post much on the week-end... Anyway. This week-end is an extra-long week-end for me. Tomorrow is Canada's Day and we have off. Last week was the same scenario - holiday on Tuesday, therefore Tuesday off, but work on Monday. Since last week, I felt like I had 2 Mondays in a week... I decided to take a vacation day today... So I get a 4 days week-end... extra-long week-end :D

However, the week-end is quite busy for me. I'm hosting our annual BBQ tomorrow and I've been busy grocery shopping. This year, I'm having no help from friends (everyone's quite busy) and since I'm not very good in a kitchen... my mom is taking over ^_^; So I'm kind of glad, since that means the food is going to be good... but at the same time, I feel bad, because, well it's work for her. I try to help, but she always sends me out of the way... sigh.

Every year, around this time for the past 8 years, I've been hosting a BBQ with my friends. They like charcoal BBQ... Last year, the BBQ was also at my house, so I have the 2 BBQ/grills... however, I couldn't find the metal plaques that hold the grill above the charcoal... Have to admit I panic a bit and I've been going to all our versions of Home Depot to look for something that could make it work. Didn't find anything. In the end, I thought I could just use stone to hold it up... lucky me, we found the all of the metal plaques. Yay! So emergency aborted.

I still have to do some last-minute grocery shopping... mainly drinks, vegetables for dips and some fruits. Hopefully, it'll go smoothly.

So yeah, week-end has been busy... getting my room all clean up, the house ready and the food. I'm finally done with my room :D it's all clean and shiny... well at least, imo LOL :) I did find a box of books I forgot though ^_^;

Finally, I haven't been reading :( I did finish In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath... and that's it... on a long week-end, one book... it sucks :(

ps - For tennis fans, Wimbledon... one word: WOW! Lots of twists and drama... On the women side, all top 4 seeds gone... I see an all Williams-sisters finale :( Booo!! I'm sorry I miss all the drama of Murray-Gasquet's match. I caught the end, but oh my!! Li, it must have been thrilling!

pps - Books away... I'll be emailing everyone for confirmation and snail addies sometimes this week... probably on Wednesday :) Sorry for the delay


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I started In Bed with the Devil but got lured away by Guilty Pleasures.

  2. Dev - I'm not surprised you got side-tracked :D Happy that you enjoyed Guilty Pleasures :D