Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New hair and shelves

Me again... no review for today I guess... but here are some pics!!

Ok, in this post, you'll find pics of my room BEFORE.

And here are the pics after. Okay, it's still a mess ^_^; however, it's just to show the difference.


And here are the pics of my new haircut. To tell the truth, it's not that different. However, it looks rounder... and it's shorter in the back and longer in the front. I don't have any BEFORE pics, LOL... however, if I can get my friend to send me the pics we took 2 weeks ago, then I'll post them and you guys will get to see.

Hmmm, my hair looks like a broom on the second pic... ah well.


  1. Oooohhh - Cute haircut! Is it a summer doo?
    And how come you doubles of so many books?
    And can I say I chortled with laughter when I saw Jackie Colling on your shelf?

  2. I love to see other people's live overflowing with books! :) makes me feel better about my own problem.

    cute haircut. :)

  3. Holy shit, you have a lot of doubles!

    I LOVE your hair, Nath! You are so darn cute.


  4. Kristie - LOL, it's more a "it's time to get a new hair doo, cos hair is getting too long and no shape" doo :P but have to say, I'm glad I cut it just before the heat wave started :P

    Let me point out that the doubles are intentional!!! I have doubles because I want a keepsafe copy for some of the books... cos I don't treat them very well ^_^;

    What's so funny about Jackie Collins?

    Ames - Ditto babe, ditto :P and thanks :P

    Chantal - Like I say, doubles are keepsafe copies. Most of the time though, what happens is I pre-order them, but they show up in the store before...

    HUGS, thanks!! It wasn't as different than I hope for, but I guess this style suits me :P By the way, I look so sleepy and tired LOL :P

  5. Your hair looks too cute! Wow, look at all those books.

  6. Love the new do AND the bookshelves! It's so fun to see everyone's shelves!

    RE: the messy room (and believe me that's not bad!)- now you know why I took a picture of my shelf and ONLY my shelf! LOL!

  7. I love your shelves! And LOL - your hairstyle looks a lot like mine, especially in the 3rd pic.

  8. Heyyy! I've got a MyBook external hard drive too! (I could see it in the background, lol.)

    I like the hair cut. I want to get my hair cut to a similar length. Kind of nervous though 'cause I've always rocked longer styles so not sure how I'll look with it short, but I'm gonna try it. After all, it's just hair, right? It'll grow back. lol.

  9. The hair looks really cute, i love it. I have been debating over cutting my hair that short, but I do not think that I could pull it off. And i have never had it that short so that is intimidating as well. :)
    I understand the doubles, I just don't have room.
    I love the shelves, looks very nice.

  10. Wow, look at all those Roberts/Robbs! The shelves look great and I really like your haircut. Mine is much shorter because of the pool and I don't take to the heat very well. I think I had short hair when we met - so it's like that.


  11. Isabel - Thanks :) and LOL, yeah, there's lots...and there's more ^_^;

    Zeek - It sure is! The funny thing is to see what common books we all have :P

    Li - Thanks :) now I want to see your hair LOL :P I didn't choose it though, I let the hair stylist do whatever she thought best. I like the result.

    DanceChica - DC!! DC!! LOL, so happy to see you comment!!! yay! LOL, did you buy it at Costco too?

    My advise, talk about it with your hair stylist... and in the worst case, cut it longer than you want, see how it looks and then, if you like it, ask them to go even shorter. but yeah, essentially, hair grows back :P

    Kris - See, I'm the opposite... had had short hair for so long. I hate tying it all up, so that's why I keep it short :P

    and LOL, Kris. I hope you like the shelves, you have the same!!! LOL, just in a different color :P

    Cindy - I like your hair, it was nice. Maybe I'll go shorter next time... i don't know... cos usually, when I go shorter, it looks a bit tomboyish... LOL, and I like all those Robb/Roberts... it looks nice, no? :P

  12. Cute hair!! I got mine chopped off a few weeks ago, too. I was able to donate it, so it was well worth it. I'm thinking about going even shorter now.

  13. Dev - Wow, donate it?!? How long was it? Thanks by the way :P

  14. Love the hair. So cute! Love the shelves too. It's so fun to look at people's bookshelves. Me jealous.