Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My beautiful bookcases... in my messy room :P

Okie, you all know that I've been re-shelving my books... slowly LOL :) I know, I know... it's taking forever. Well I blame it on having too much books (which is not going to stop me from buying more), on reading and on not wanting to do it after work. What can I say? I'm lazy ^_^;

Anyway, I think that I am now done! Hurrah! All I need to do is finish cleaning up my room ^_^;
So here are some pictures:

So you've seen these 2 pics. That was two weeks ago, when I've just started and was so proud. I thought I was almost done... See how the bookcases are pretty full already (except for the one next to the computer)... Also, can you see all the boxes in the middle? I seriously thought it'd be done quite fast after it.

Of course, I was wrong. This is when I open the boxes and took out all the books:

Okie, obviously, these boxes can contain more books than I estimated ^_^; Can you imagine what it would have been if 75% of the books weren't shelved already? I had my wonderful sister helping me out to sort these alphabetically. Then, I had to shelve them... In the end, I had to re-think some of the organization...

So after finishing up yesterday, here are the final shots:

So what do you all think? I know that I'll have to start over soon, since again, I'm going to run out of place ^_^; but for now, that's how it's going to be LOL :) I have 2 baskets that you can't see containing books I want to read next and some urban fantasy series I've never gotten around to read. Also, I have a couple of hardcovers coming, not to mention the books I've been buying recently... but for now, that's it :D

By the way, I have been purging my books... See that Dell computer brown box? That's the treasure chest LOL :) I don't really like selling them at the UBS, because I think I don't get much for them... so I'm offering them to romance bloggers first! :) Then I'll give them to a friend or charity :) I'm going to have a separate post for it :) but here, you can still have a look:


  1. Nath,

    You did a fine job organizing. It looks so pretty :)

  2. Your shelves look great, but I'm totally laughing at your messy room. Get it cleaned up, girl! :P

  3. Nath, Wow, I could totally lose myself in your room for weeks browsing through your book collection! The shelves look great :)

  4. It looks really good! Great job organizing your books. I always feel better when my books are organized.

  5. Man you had a job there didn't you?
    I would be in hog heaven there.

  6. Holly - Could you focus on what's important here? Like books and bookcases instead of the mess?!? LOL :) Well a lot of thing couldn't be helped since I have to do some furniture changes in order to accomodate the bookcases :P I'm going to spend the whole afternoon tomorrow though to clean.

    Jill - perhaps not weeks :P My room is small... hours and days, yes :P if you read at the same time you're browsing :D

    Kris - I know :P It feels better when everything is neat and in its own place. Wonder how long it's going to last though :P

    Kimmy - yeah, it wasn't easy :D

  7. Book shelves look great... Book shelves always look great when they are BULGING!!! Good work. Uh, I didn't see much room for adding any books though.

  8. Wow, Nath. It looks great! You could open up your own romantic library in your room! I agree with Jill, I could get lost browsing your book collection.

  9. Rosie - New books?!? Well I have the boxes that are now sitting empty LOL :) and I have a new plan for my closet... perhaps to be carried out in the fall or winter :P

    Brie - You guys are welcomed to my house anytime LOL :) Ever seen kristie's shelves though? those are really to die for LOL :)