Thursday, June 12, 2008

Around the web...

Hi everyone :)

So what's new around the web? Well I'm probably the last one to realize that there's an excerpt of Demon Bound, new installment in the very good series The Guardians by Meljean Brook... I did the mistake of reading it and seriously, I want the book NOW! NOW!!! (click here for excerpt)


Also, Ms Naomi Novak has just put up an excerpt of Victory of Eagles, book #5 in the Temeraire series, on her website. I really enjoyed it and luckily for me, the book is coming out next month, so that's not too far away :P I might just survive the wait LOL (click here for excerpt)

Finally, the muse of blogging has been visiting me this week and I've been very productive writing posts and reviews LOL :) Result? I have reviewed In Twilight's Shadow by Patti O'Shea over at Book Binge :) (click here for review)


  1. My new favorite phrase is - "ME WANT" I feel your pain.

  2. I cannot wait for the new Temeraire book. ME WANT is correct!

  3. Katie - LOL, Katie, are you sure that phrase is new? I think we've learned it a long time ago!!!

    Li - What did you think of the last book? I was a bit disappointed so I'm hoping this one will focus more on Laurence and Temeraire!! July is coming soon!!!