Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm still here...

Hi all :D

I'm still here... haven't had much to say lately and most of what I've been reading was meh :( I thought of going to buy some books to cheer me up, but it didn't work :( I went to Chapters yesterday with a list of 4 books:

- In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath
- Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery
- Iron Hunt by Marjorie Liu
- Bound by Shadow by Anna Windsor

and I couldn't find any of them. NONE... and they were supposed to have 3 or them in-store! So I went home empty-handed... well that's not true. There's a Starbuck in the Chapters, so I bought 5 scones to cheer me up (4 blueberry and 1 raspberry). I swear, that Starbuck has the best scones... real scones.

Luckily, I had some books coming in from my online order. The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong (YA, but excellent YA) and She's no Angel by Leslie Kelly.

Today, it's Quebec province national day, aka la St-Jean Baptiste... so I'm off. Yeah, off on a Tuesday... it's weird... and apparently, you can't substitute (take Monday off instead). If your work place is caught working, you get a fine... well except for restaurants, convenience stores and those kind of stores. For some reason though Indigo/Chapters were still open. Hey, I'm not going to complain. So I went again to get the books... and I came back home with In Bed with the Devil and Sweet Talk. So at least, I got some books... but I'm bumped... because I really want Iron Hunt (they didn't have it) and Bound by Shadow (they couldn't find it)... and once again, they had to go to the backroom to find the books. Ugh. It's annoying that I can never find the books I want on the shelves :(

Ah well, I'll try again on Thursday...

ps - I'm annoyed at my computer too. It keeps bugging! Arghhhh!!


  1. Oh no! That stinks that they didn't have any of the books you wanted.

    Glad to hear you're reading, though :-)

  2. More books? That sucks about your computer. Hope it stops acting funny.

  3. That stinks that they could not find them. I hope that the ones that you got are good. I hope that your computer gets with it as well.

  4. Usually you are the chick with all the cool books first. For once my Barnes and Noble came through. Even the Sarah McCarty book was in and it's not due out until July 1.

  5. Okay, you guys would get Canada Day off also wouldn't you? That's this coming Tuesday. Bob took the Monday as a vacation day. I would not enjoy having a day off in the middle of a work week. Long weekends rock!!

    Glad you found some books to buy. Just means you are on the hunt ;)


  6. Dev - I know!!! and it's not once, it's 2 days in a row! :( Reading lately hasn't been a problem... problem is more, finding good books to read.

    Isabel - Always more books, LOL :) I just can't help myself ^_^; and my computer is driving me nuts... I have friends that are computer saavy coming over next week, let's hope they can help me out.

    Kris - I hope so too... I already started reading Sweet Talk. It wasn't bad, but I'm just not sure I want to read the next ones... actually, yes, I want to read the next one, but maybe not the third one. Am I making sense?

    Rosie - LOL, well I'm still cool since I got The Summoning by kelley Armstrong early :P and also, got my hand on Sweet Talk which technically only come out on July 1... just kidding :) I'm glad you got some good books! :)

    Cindy - OMG, I felt like Monday... isn't it bad, having two mondays in a week?!?! Yes, we still get Canada Day off... and I'm thinking of taking Monday off too.