Friday, June 20, 2008

My newest books!

LOL, seems like many are curious to see what I got! Thanks for showing interest! I would have posted it up earlier... but I ended up going to work super early today ^_^; Someone needed my results before 9am for a meeting... so I ended up being at work at 6am! Two good things about showing up at 6am... first, it wasn't wasted since I did get the experiment done on time and she got her results and was super happy... and I got to go home at 11.30am, because today was early summer Friday where we only work 5.5 hours. Thing is, my afternoon was a bit wasted since I got home and slept LOL.

So here are the books I bought yesterday. Turns out I went to the UBS at lunch time :P and 2 of 4 books I was planning to buy were available!!! Ugh, I still went to Chapters to buy books... but I hard to work hard to find 4 books... how sad?

So from UBS: (UBS is still having the buy 3, get 4th book free sale too)

- On the Prowl --> anthology. By the way, I read Alpha and Omega. It was a good (very) short story :P I like the twist of event and I'm definitively looking forward to Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs.
- Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins
- Weddings can be murder by Christie Craig --> I'm really happy I found this at the UBS. I've heard a lot of good about Christie Craig, but her books are not in stock at the bookstore. I was going to order it, but now I don't need to :)
- Chances Are by Barbara Bretton --> I enjoyed Just Desserts last week-end, so wanted to try something else :)

From Chapters:

- A Match Made in Hell by Terri Garey
- The Hob's Bargain by Patricia Briggs --> I want to try something else by her :D
- Bombshell by Lynda Curnyn --> Rowena reviewed Engaging Men not too long ago. While I can't find that one in store, Bombshell was available... at 5$
- The Funeral Planner by Lynn Isenberg --> didn't know what to get as my 4th book. This looked funny and it was also 5$

Unfortunately, I couldn't find Sweet Spot by Susan Mallery. I guess they just received it, so it wasn't on the shelf and I didn't feel like asking. I'll be looking for it before the sale ends :)

Onto other news, my room is getting somewhere. I got my sister to help me a bit LOL :) and as I expected, even with the addition of the new bookcases, not all the books fit :( but it's way better than before at least :D I'll be posting some pics up, like Holly over at Book Binge.

Oh and stay tuned, because I thought I'd offer up the books that I'm not keeping. So I'll be posting them the titles up sometimes next week and if anyone wants it, then it's yours :D


  1. Woo hoo for UBS!!
    Great finds :D

  2. Sounds like you had a good haul!!

  3. I love UBS! And PBS! And Amazon. And B&N. Unfortunately, they love me too. My budget? Not loving me so much these days :-)

    Great haul, Nath!

  4. You've been busy while I've been busy. :-D I love your hair. Is it easier to deal with? It looks like a great cut. The bookshelves are to die for! Lucky you...

    Even when I'm focused so much on other stuff I always seem to fit book buying into my life. The unfortunate component to that is when I'm not reading I just stack up books everywhere. So much so I don't know for sure what I have. I wasn't too bad this past month, but I have a bag from Barnes and Noble I haven't even unpacked yet. Yikes!

    Now that I'm catching up on blogging my next project is to get my books organized again AND I'm going to do a belated May Reading List. I have one started somewhere in my drafts.

    Man it feels good to be back.

  5. So many books, I'm jealous.

  6. Katie - I know! Hurrah for UBS! Although mine is quite far from home, quite expensive for a UBS and there's not enough. I guess no matter what, we can't stop complaining LOL :)

    Kris - Yeah, in theory... but I read some of them and they were 'meh' reads :(

    Dev - LOL :) I love UBS and Chapters/Indigo :) and LOL, poor budget, always have to be stretched in order to accomadate your loving right? :P

    Rosie - ROSIE!!! Yay!! you're back! :) LOL :) Thanks for the hair comment. For me, it's always been easy... I just brush it quickly and then I'm out of the door... I'm really not fuzzy with my hair, that's why I like it short. The only thing is, it gets long real fast :( and thanks about the bookcases too... although, there's not enough :(

    LOL, book buying is like eating for us I think... a necessity :P

    LOL, don't forget we're supposed to review Cadeon's book!!! LOL :) Just email me when you have time :P

    It's good to have you back :D

    Isabel - Don't be jealous :) Most of the books so far are 'meh' :(

  7. I'm a sucker for cute dogs. I'll think I'll be adding that to my reading list based on the cover alone :)

  8. Sydney - I have to admit, the dog is really cute :D I know someone like you LOL :)