Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost over...

Sigh, Thursday night already... that means my vacation is almost over :( The worst is it seems that the next few days are going to be even more busy :( Let see... Tomorrow, I'm supposed to go fill the HR paperwork for the new job (finally!), lunch with a friend, some shopping and perhaps a farewell dinner. Then, on Saturday I have to go to the temple and to work... Sunday, might go to an amusement park - which I don't really enjoy (I don't like rides), but I will go to hang out with friends... and oh, tomorrow, I have to go to the passport office. Since it's the last day, it's going to be my last chance.

Here's my to do list and its status:

1) Visit the professor (master supervisor)
2) Take pictures for passport
3) Passport
4) HR paperwork for job next week
5) Video rental store...
6) Catch up with some friends...
7) Send a package to Holly

I'm going to do no. 3 and 4 tomorrow, so that is soon to be crossed out... and unfortunately, I think that no. 5 won't happen. Sigh. Too bad. I kind of feel bad because I have tapes and dvds from the rental store... it'll be easier to go though, I think, once I start my new job since it'll be quite close. Ah well...

The worst thing though is I haven't been reading T_T How sad is that? 2 weeks and I think I read 2 or 3 books. Pathetic, I'm telling you. At least, I've been buying new books... Hopefully, my reading mojo will be back soon and I'll have tons of reviews for you!!

So that's it for me. I'll try to blog more... but I have a question... where is everyone? It's been sooo quite on blogland :(

Oh by the way, Olympics? Sigh... still no medals for Canada, but hopefully this week-end. Otherwise, it's fun to watch... but I think I'm overdosing, LOL :)


  1. I was watching the Olympics last night. I used to be in gymnastics, so I love watching that stuff.

  2. Ames - What's fun with the gymnastics is that there's more coming up :) and there's trampoline too :) I hope you're enjoying!