Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 begins!!!

Hi everyone!! How are you doing? My first week of vacation is coming to an end, NOOOOO!!!

So far, my vacations have been quiet and a bit boring. Haven't done much. Did hang out with a friend and went to see The Mummy 3. I've also been gorging on food LOL :) Miam. Otherwise, nothing very special and reading is going so-so. I'll try to review some more!

While I'm waiting for Ames to get to Montreal and give me a call, I've been watching the Olympics opening ceremony! Very nice and impressive :) I'm so happy the Olympics have started, because I'm such a fan!!! Now, I just can't wait for the sports competitions to actually start!! I'll probably be blogging more about the Olympics than books in the next 2 weeks, so bear with me :)

By the way, I just got Acheron yesterday. Have to admit, I don't really feel like reading it. I'm only interested in the second part of the book and after skimming through it, meh. I bought The Host by Stephanie Meyer, thanks to DC's guest review over at Book Binge. Don't know though when I'll get to it...

So anyone has plans for the week-end? I'm working at the Fathers' place the whole day tomorrow (8.30am to 9pm)... luckily, there'll be the Olympics to watch! Otherwise, I think I'll only read...

All right, I'm going to eat lunch :) Sushi are calling my name... miam :)


  1. I'll be on the couch watching the Olympics and that is about it. I have had a bad cold this week. I am still recovering and it is going to be freezing here all weekend, so apart from a trip to the library and maybe to the supermarket, on the couch it is!

    I love the Olympics too and watched the whole opening ceremony.

  2. Not a big fan of the Olympics, but I am glad that you enjoy it.
    I want to see the Mummy, how was it?

  3. I used to watch the olympics when I was kid. Not so much now cause I never know what time what event was showing. I always liked women's gymnastics and diving.

  4. Wasn't the opening ceremony fantastic? Full of tradition and culture, and a mixture of the old with the new. I loved how the fireworks in the form of giant footsteps led the way to the stadium.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the badminton matches. For the men's single, will anyone else be getting the gold medal instead of Lin Dan? ;-)

  5. Marg - Hi Marg :D I hope you get better soon!! LOL, the Olympics are the best way to recover. Snuggle up and enjoy it :)

    Kris - LIke I told you, the Mummy was enjoyable. I have not seen the first 2, so I can't compare. It is not the best movie as the storyline is a bit meh and the transitions are quite bad; but the action sequences are good and it's entertaining.

    Isabel - LOL, me, I just spend the day in front of the tv :) Women gymnastics... you like the normal kind (eg: floor) or the one with the ribbon, ball and etc?

    It's hard to follow the schedule, because not all the events are taking place at the same time. Diving is spread over the week and starts tomorrow :)

    Jace - Yes, it was really a nice opening. Seriously, some ppl say that it's because the technology has advanced, but I don't see what 'new' technology the Chineses have used... I say it's all the artistic elements and the synchronism was just wow.

    I'm not very familiar with badminton, but I'll definitively try to catch some matches :)

  6. HI Nath,
    I have Acheron, but I can't get into it. I'll try again in a week or so.

    As for the Olympics-meh. They take over the TV, boring, blah blah.

  7. What's the time difference for Canada? Here in the UK, live action is mostly in the morning/afternoon, which means I only get the highlights programmes in the evening! Sigh.

    I did catch the torch-lighting during the opening ceremony yesterday though, and thought it was fantastic! How London 2012 is going to top that, I have no idea...

  8. Chantal - How sad you know that we can't get into Ash's book. I don't know, at the moment, I have the feeling that it shouldn't have been written. Ah well.

    As for the Olympics, seriously, it's not as if there's much on TV anyway.

    Li - Time difference is 12 hours!!! So basically, 6am to 6pm for China is 6pm to 6am to us... and if I'm not wrong, the TV coverage is 6am to noon, 6pm to midnight... and there might be stuff on tv between midnight to 6am, but let say, I won't be able catch it once I start work... So all in all, we do get some stuff live...

  9. Loved the opening ceremonies!

    And read Acheron. I liked it but yeah the love story part left alot to be desired.

    (Heh, I just had sushi for lunch yesterday with a friend of mine!)