Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation week no.2

Hmmm, do I count the week-end in my vacation days? Nah... So day 6 of vacation. So far, my vacation has been relatively calm without much happening, except for yesterday... more to come on yesterday.

so yeah, the vacation has been very calm and uneventful. I'm still glued to my tv watching the Olympics. Canada still has no medals. Are we going to get any you think? Vietnam has 1 in weightlifting which is wow!! LOL :) Ah well, since Canada isn't doing well, I'm rooting for other countries... China, Japan, Australia, Germany... Sorry my southern neighbors, but you don't need cheering LOL :) (Not that China needs it, but since I'm Asian... and it's the host country...)

Okay, here is a quick to do list for the week... just a reminder for me:

1) Visit the professor (master supervisor)
2) Take pictures for passport
3) Passport
4) HR paperwork for job next week
5) Video rental store...
6) Catch up with some friends...
7) Send a package to Holly

Hmmm, I feel like there's something missing... but for now, I guess it's enough...

Okay, so what was so exciting for me yesterday? I got to hang out with Ames!! Yay!!! She was in Montreal to attend a wedding and swung by yesterday afternoon. We hung out and caught up a little bit. She showed me her newest toy, her Sony e-reader. Very nice... Then we went to eat a light lunch and... what do you think we did? Of course, book shopping! LOL :) I brought her to a UBS where she found some books that she's been looking for a long time :) Then we went to Indigo and Chapters downtown. Of course, I'm the one who ended the evening with more new books. You know Ames, she has a better will than me when it comes to books. She was also able to find 2 books I've been looking for a while in Winnipeg: Crazy for You by Kate Angell and The Secrets of Rosa Lee by Jodi Thomas. Ames and I also both bought some jewelry :) It was fun to get to see her again this summer, even if it was only for a couple of hours :)

Since Ames was able to find two books I've been looking for every time I go in a UBS in Winnipeg and she was able to find some books she's been searching high and low for in Montreal... I've been thinking of opening a new blog... a place where people could put up titles of books they can't find anywhere near them. I know that there is ebay and paperback swap... but both are not very convenient for Canada... Would you be interested in such a blog?

Anyway, I have to go mow the lawn! Talk to you later!!


  1. hey nath!!
    Sounds like you are having fun (except for the lawn mowing thing). You would be proud, i actually watched some of the Olympics last night. I watched some of the gymnastics portion. Very good. Bookstore shopping with another enthusiastic reader is always fun :)

  2. That's awesome you got to hang out with Ames. I'm jealous.

  3. Are you going traveling?

    I could watch the Olympics for hours but I'm trying to pace myself ;)

    And yay for a Nath and Ames day!


  4. Kris - LOL, mowing the lawn wasn't so bad, given that my sister did half of the work :) and yes, bookshopping with a friend is always more fun :)

    Isabel - Yes, I got lucky :) Next time I go to California, I'll come by to hang out with you :)

    Cindy - No travel. No real time for it, so just staying home and relaxing :D

    LOL, I'm thinking that your sleep schedule is really good for the Olympics :D

  5. I had fun. Especially when I found that one book I've been searching high and low for and another book lover was there to celebrate. LOL No one else gets that feeling. :P