Saturday, August 23, 2008

New job starting...

Hi everyone!!

Sorry I've been in and out lately in blogland :) (Although, I'm not the worst, LOL) However, I should be back more regularly starting Tuesday... since I start my new job :D

Yep, vacation finally coming to an end :( Although I did enjoy an extra week. It's quite strange that I'm anxious to start work, as if I've been on vacation for too long (which believe me, it's not the case). I guess it's due a bit to uncertainty - my new boss doesn't seem to know how it works and the proper procedures. Doesn't bode well for a lot of thing, sigh :(

By the way, for those who wondered about how my medical exam went on Tuesday... it went well. They just wanted to know if I was up-to-date with my shots and what they needed to do to "protect" me since I'm going to be working with body fluids. I did get poked a lot though - 6 times. I had a shot (which made my left arm sore for the rest of the week), a PPD test... and it took 4 attempts for them to draw blood ^_^; Apparently, I have tanned a lot recently and so, it's hard to find my veins.

I'm glad to say that I'm reading! Yay! I might be able to salvage the month of August a bit LOL :) I've read 4 books this week and hoping to read a bit more this last week... Strangely, what got me out of my slump is a historical... One Night of Scandal by Teresa Medeiros... For one that prefers contemporary, this is a surprise LOL :) But I'm really glad :) Speaking of books... I finally signed up to Shelfari!! After a few bloggers (Ames, Jill and Samantha) have glommed about this, I just had to try it out... also, it kept me from cleaning my room LOL :) always a plus :) I've never signed up to these sites (Shelfari, LibraryThing)... because I usually have difficulty keeping track of my reads and stuff... so we'll see how it goes :)

Finally, the Olympics :) Yay!!! I'm really glad I had this extra week of vacation because it gave me the opportunity to watch everything :) Canada was pretty desperate at the end of the first week since we had no medals... and in the end, we won 18 in one week :) Not bad at all! :) Oh, for those who wonders, we came in 4th 9 or 10 times LOL :) I told you, Canada's favorite position! Can you imagine if it was a medal instead of 4th place?!? Anyway, these Olympics were great and highly enjoyable :)

It's been quiet in blogland :) What's up with everyone?


  1. Everyone is probably sucking up the last rays of summer. This year Bob and I are sick which sucks because it means we haven't been swimming. With limited pool time up here I wish my 'sick' could have held off until October!! Here's hoping we get an extra long summer.

    Anxiety - it's the unknown that's getting to ya. Once you get past the first week it'll stop - unless unorganized people freak you out - then I imagine the new guy might get you wound up ;)

    Glad the exam went well except for getting stuck 6 times.

    And Woohoo for reading!! I'm waiting to get back into a normal routine. Will be a few weeks yet.

    Other than that I'm still blogging so you can read about my boring ways over there ;)


  2. A new job is both a good and a bad thing. I hope it works out well! And reading is a good thing as well! Can't find room for new books if there are too many books on the TBR shelf. haha

  3. Good luck on the new job!

    My summer has been long and boring. Luckily the last two weeks have been somewhat eventful, otherwise I might have drowned in the blah.

  4. Sorry for the late replies everyone!

    Cindy - I guess you're right Cindy :) It's nice that the last few weeks, the weather has been nice as opposed to the rest of the summer :) Hope you guys get better soon so you can go dipping :) Is your pool heated?

    Yes, it's definitively the unknown that is stressing me a bit. Hope the job will work out nicely. It doesn't help that I'm already annoyed at my supervisor - he's really slow on answering emails :(

    I always read your blog :) perhaps I don't comment always, but I do read it :)

    Kailana - I hope it works out well too :)

    Brie - Hi Brie!! Thanks for the good luck, I think I'm going to need it :)

    My summer sounds like yours :) Luckily, there was the Olympics and that kept me entertained during my vacations :)