Saturday, August 16, 2008

Extended Vacation...

Woohoo, extended vacation!! Okay, so here's the story. I went in Friday to fill in the HR paperwork and then, my new boss informs me that I have to pass a medical exam. It's just standard procedure (since I'm going to work in a hospital) and I can't sign anything before going through it. He actually didn't know I had to, until he called HR to get the paperwork. HR has already called me and set up an appointment - this Tuesday afternoon, but for now that means that my vacation is being extended... probably a week. Woohoo!!!

Yesterday was a quite busy day... but I'm proud to say that my to do list is almost totally completed :) I might try to go to the video rental store... I feel so bad :( Otherwise, this week, I'm going to focus on reading and watching the Olympics and cleaning my room.

Seriously, I just want to be reading, but so far, I keep getting distracted. I started The Wedding Officer by Anthony Capella, The Wild Road by Marjorie M. Liu, Oceans by Fire by Christine Feehan and have all put them down :( The worst is that I've been buying lots of books, so you'd think that something would catch my attention... but no :( Sad. The good news however is that I got some new coupons from the bookstore! Remember how I complained that I lost my coupons from the bookstore that I've received when renewing my I-Rewards card? Well I was paying for m newest books and complaining to my friend who was accompanying me and the cashier just gave me a new booklet :D and the best news? The expiring date is November instead of August LOL :)

Oh and yesterday? I went to Elixor - I guess the Quebec's version of Cheesecake Factory :) LOL :) Although I have to say, there's not as many cheesecakes... but hey, we have a Cheesecake Factory :) What can I say?


  1. Crikeys Nath you might be off for two more weeks. Test results for employee physicals are low on the list for most labs/hospitals because they have such huge demand for the other regular daily work. Well, here in the States anyway.

  2. Rosie - LOL, I wouldn't mind two weeks :) Seriously... that's what my boss said anyway... one to two weeks. We'll see how it goes :) At least, I got the appointment fast... that's a start. Now, I have to figure out if I have to starve before the physicals...

  3. Ach!!! You just reminded me - my Avid Reader card expires any day now too!
    And you have to love extra vacation time don't you?

  4. Hi Nath, I have been busy with work and I had over 100 posts to read in my google reader. Still on vacation, sounds good. I plan on taking a few days in September after I get my daughter back in school :)

    So how far did you get with The Wedding Officer? I am thinking about reading this one. I hope you get out of your slump. Maybe you should read an old favorite.

  5. Woohoo for the extra time off especially this time of year ;)

    I can't believe I'm going to say this but September is starting to look good because less people and more reading!


  6. Kristie - They'll let you know at the cash when your card is renewed and will ask you if you want to renew it :) Don't worry too much :) and yep, love the extra time :)

    Jill - Oh, sucks that you're so busy!!

    I haven't started The Wedding Officer yet. Am in a slump and trying desperately to get out. I'll try to read an old favorite, but don't know if it'll work...

    Cindy - Definitively like the extra time off :)