Friday, August 01, 2008


Sorry I've been MIA!!!

Today was my last day of work and I've been rushing like mad to finish my lab notebooks :( I covered 3 months in 2 days, not bad... but I'm exhausted. I've been getting to work at 6.30am and leaving at 6.30pm... and all I did was print, cut and paste and write some stuff. Never knew I worked so hard!!!

Then, tomorrow I'm going to Quebec City for the week-end. Don't know if I'm going to have access to internet :( I'll try my best!!

As soon as I come back, I'll have my July reads list up!! Till then, later! have a nice week-end everyone!


  1. Won't you be shocked when you return and see that I actually had my July list up already. Of course it was late due to the unfortunate events with freakin' blogger.

  2. Cindy - Thanks Cindy!! :)

    Isabel - Thanks Isabel! It was nice :)

    Rosie - LOL, Rosie!! I saw your list, nice!! :)