Monday, October 11, 2010

Hauling Sunday XIV

Hi everyone!! Did you miss me? :P Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week. Life has been busy, chaotic and stressful lately ^_^;

Sigh, where to start? I guess from the beginning. I've been experiencing some health issues in the past two weeks. It all started when I suddenly got urinary frequency. At first, I thought it was an urinary tract infection and so, went to see the doctor who prescribed me antibiotics. However, after a week, I was still experiencing urinary frequency. Seriously, peeing every 30 to 60 minutes really does alter a life... and it's not fun :( Since the bacteria culture came back negative, the urologist is suspecting the kidneys. However, my blood test came back normal... So go figure. In any case, I have an ultrasound scheduled this Friday, so we'll see. However, right now, I think everything was due to stress ^_^; Seriously, seems like stress is going to kill me one day.

A lot has been going on at work also. We're in the process of publishing an article, my co-worker's work schedule has been erratic due to family emergency, the experiments are going so-so... and of course, it just had to happen all at the same time.

The only good thing that has happened is that I went to New Jersey/New York City the past week-end! Woohoo! My sister has been saying that she wanted to go somewhere for her birthday. She specifically wanted to go to New York City and initially, none of her friends could... so I told her we should go :) That way, I would get the chance to meet Hilcia and Christine :P And so, that's what we did! :) Because of my health issue and work, the trip was almost canceled, which added additional pressure. In the end though, my sister and I left early Friday morning and spent the week-end with Hilcia and we got to meet Christine :) I had an awesome, awesome time and a full post coming up very soon :P I was planning to share the good news with everyone, but yeah, it was very busy ^_^; Add in that I had relatives coming over during the week-end and staying in my room... that meant extreme deep cleaning ^_^;

So yes, life has been quite busy... however, I'm back :D Or at least, I'm planning on it :P and to start it all, here is my haul from the States :)

Here above are my new books from Borders. I have to say, I prefer Borders over Barnes and Nobles for some reasons.

Quickly, here's the breakdown of the haul.

The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook - That was priority number 1 of the trip. Something's been going on with book delivery and some books have been showing up really late at the bookstores. Trade-size paperbacks have been most affected so far.

Healer's Choice by Jory Strong - This is book 3 in the series and I haven't read the first 2, but I'm intrigued with this one thanks to Tori's review.

The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks and Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt are two books I've gotten because of the great reviews they've received in blogland. Other books I bought because they caught my attention at one point and I was like, why not since they are cheaper in the States :P

Here are books I've got from Hilcia mostly :) She's a ruthless purger and I took advantage of it LOL. Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin is a loan from Christine :P

All in all, I think that once again, I did great in the States LOL.