Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Review: Date Me, Baby, One More Time by Stephanie Rowe

Yes, I got my hands on Date me, Baby, One more Time :D Finally. So here's my review:

Date Me, Baby, One More Time by Stephanie Rowe: 4/5

There's been quite a lot of reviews about this book, so I'm going to try to keep the story/synopsis short. Basically, Dereck Lavalle believes that all the men of his family are cursed and that they are to die on the day they turn 31 y.o. and from his ancestor journal, the only way he finds to end the curse is to behead the Guardian of Desdemona's temptation goblet and drink from the goblet. Although no one believes him, it doesn't matter since he doesn't have time to argue: he and his fraternal twin turn 31 y.o. in one week.

Meanwhile, Justine Bennett is the Guardian and the goblet is presently an expresso machine. For the past 200 years, she's been on probation for her job which comes with a thick book of rules - complete devotion to Mona (the goblet), no sex, no distraction, etc. She lives in NY with her roomate and successor, Theresa Nichols. The ick is that Theresa is actually an eleven foot dragon.

Basically, Dereck finds Justine and they fall in love/lust so they are trying to find loopholes so they don't have to kill each other... or loopholes that would explain why they let the other lives so long. The story is complicated by Satan who wants Iris, Justine's mother, to become Queen of Hell, position that she doesn't want to occupied, so Justine is pressure to do her job.

Okay, so the book was a great read as the grading indicates: light and hilarious, since it's so unrealistic, you don't care if it doesn't make sense anymore. What I actually like is that you get some paranormal, but no vampires, werewolves or witches... so the book is quite refreshing. Of course, they were a few things that bug me and by the end, I thought that Iris and her relationship to Satan was annoying. Does the woman loves him or not? and if yes, why doesn't she accept staying with him? however, it's still highly entertaining. My only regret is I believe I would have enjoyed the book better if I could have read it in one sitting, which I did not, because of lab work, watching House M.D. and the thunderstorm yesterday night. Try reading when the power goes out every 10 minutes for about 5 min. Really annoying. So I'll probably re-read the book in a few months.