Sunday, May 01, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge

Pffff, pffff.

That's the sound of me blowing away the cobwebs on my blog ^_^; Obviously, my resolution to figure a balance between curling and blogging didn't work out as I wished. Although I have to say this year, curling was really all-consuming... but more on that later :)

The bright side is I've been reading, especially now that the curling season is over... and I've been debating for a few weeks whether to give the blog another go. I really dislike dropping off the side of the earth and then, making a comeback. Just how many comebacks can one make? This time around, I really considered calling it quits... but this blog and the community were such a huge part of my life once upon a time, that I'm not ready to turn my back completely yet. So let's try one more time!

So I was talking with Ames earlier this week and she wishes to blog more consistently as well. She's come up with a challenge for herself: 30 Day Blog Challenge. So I'm going to jump in with her. I think perhaps a way to have me blog more consistently, even throughout the curling season, is perhaps changing the direction of this blog. I've never been shy to blog about my life, but I always tried to keep it very book-related... but perhaps do half-half now? Anyway, I guess I'll figure it out! Especially if I'm to blog everyday now :)

So here we go for the next 30 days! Well technically, 31 days in May! And I'll up the ante and try to throw in a review and another book-related post a week :)


  1. Always nice to see a blog post from you pop up :-) I figure you can make as many comebacks as you like! I've been blogging very sporadically lately, but hoping to be able to post more often soon-ish.

    Looking forward to your 30 day blogging challenge and hearing more about your curling ;-)

  2. You know I've been terrible about blogging for a long while now. I'm tempted to join in the challenge but... (see above) lol

    But I'll give it a try. The posts can be short, right? Like quotes from some of our favorite books? Or a picture? Or thoughts on our current reads? Just throwing ideas out here since I have a feeling I'll need some help. :)

  3. Woohoo!!

    At least you can blog about curling now. LOL

  4. Li - Hi Li!! True, I can make as many comebacks as I want... but I don't like having to, LOL. If only I could just blog consistently.

    Just had a post about curling!

    Leslie - Yay! I'll be fun, Leslie :)

    And yes, the posts can be short. They can be quotes, pictures, discussion topics. Anything, as long as it has you posting!

    Ames - Blogging about curling afterwards is a bit anti-climatic. I don't know how many posts I want to write about curling LOL

  5. Yes, blog about curling. Blog about anything...just blog. I'm glad that you're both starting up again. I miss your blogs!

  6. Nath, thanks for telling me about this! I'm going to try… I began today. A day late, but what the heck! I just need to jump in and see if it works.

  7. Wena - That's the goal Wena!!

    Hils - I'm glad you're going to try it, Hils!