Monday, May 23, 2016

Romance Starter Kits - Contemporary

Today's post is inspired by Book Binge's own romance starter kits post - thank you ladies! :) I thought it was a really good idea. What books would I recommend for new romance readers! And because I still have 8 days to the challenge, I'm going to split this in many posts LOL.

Today, we're starting with contemporary romance:

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts
Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie
Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas (re-read review)
Her Best Worst Mistake by Sarah Mayberry
Sustained by Emma Chase

Personally, I think every starter kit should contain a book by Nora Roberts and Jennifer Crusie. Those two are simply timeless authors :) And well, Ms Roberts has a really wide selection. I also chose Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas to showcase a different writing style. Her Best Worst Mistake was my pick for short and sexy and Sustained, for the male POV.

Books/authors that I considered:

Virgin River by Robyn Carr - The style is quite to Ms Thomas and I was looking for something not small town
Linda Howard and Judith McNaught - I haven't re-read their books in a very long time. I'm just afraid they might be outdated and therefore, not good candidates to attract new readers
Kate Angell and Laura Florand - Two authors that I enjoy immensely, but I find their style not to be for everyone and therefore, perhaps not good choices for new readers

What about you? What would be in your Contemporary romance starter kit?


  1. Her Best Worst Mistake was pretty great. I read that a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I haven't read a contemporary romance in quite a while.

  2. Ah, I love Her Best Worst Mistake!

  3. I love Seaswept and Sustained. I'm going to need to check out that Sarah Mayberry though. Great list, Nath!! The next time you come to California, we're going to The Ripped Bodice!

  4. Samantha - It was, right? I need to re-read it!! I loved that one and I think it's a good book for new readers who'd like short :)

    Sometimes, it's really good to take a break from a genre :)

    Angie - Yay! I guess this was a good rec :P

    Rowena - Looking forward to it, Wena!! I hope to go to California soon... Maybe next year?

    The Mayberry is a short one. You'll gobble it up :) Love Sea Swept. I was debating between Sea Swept and one of the Bride Quartet books...

  5. Love this idea!

    Totally agree with the NR rec - I think that may be one of my favourite series of hers. I err... can't remember if I've read the Mayberry, her books don't really "stick" with me for some reason.

    I'd probably include a Kelly Hunter in my list of recs, I adore her writing.

  6. This is a good idea Nath. I've only read two of the five but have two on the tbr pile.

    My recommends would be SEP's Natural Born Charmer or Dream a Little Dream. L.H. Cosway's Hearts of Blue and Rachel Gibson's See Jane Score.

  7. Ooh, which Bride Quartet book?

    You and Ames should definitely plan that. :)

  8. I've never read any of those. lol.

  9. Li - LOL, it was either Sarah Mayberry or Kelly Hunter... and for the Kelly Hunter, probably The Man She Loves to Hate or The One that Got Away :) I'm curious if you've read My Best Worst Mistake!

    The straight contemporary series are my favorites of Nora Roberts. Her paranormal/magical ones just don't seem to work with me. I'm glad you agree on my choice!!

    Leslie - Thanks Les :) Well the idea was Book Binge's :P so credits go to them! Which ones did you read and which ones are in your TBR pile? Let see, you've read the NR and Jennifer Crusie. In your TBR pile, the Sarah Mayberry and Sustained?

    I can see people choosing See Jane Score. I'd have to re-read that one... I remember people really hyping it up and I thought it was okay ^_^; Never been a huge fan of SEP, so that's why she's not on my list. Need to read L.H. Cosway!! You seem to really enjoy her!!

    Rowena - Hmmm, Vision in White or Savor the Moment :) My favorite is Savor the Moment... but I'd probably recommend Vision in White because it's the first book in the quartet :P

    Maybe we will!! :)

    Isabel - LOL, that's fine. You're more of a historical romance reader right?

  10. Nath, I love this idea! And, I love your recommendations for the contemporary kit. Love all the books, including Twisted Creek, which was MY first Jodi Thomas contemporary read and the one that hooked me. The only book I haven't read is from Emma Chase.

    I totally agree with the reasons you gave for not recommending the "books considered." As much as I love Howard and McNaught, I don't believe their best books hold up. But, like Leslie, I would have included See Jane Score by Rachel GIbson!

    This is tough because I'm not reading contemporaries the way I used to! So I have a few authors whose works I like but none of them are auto-buys.

  11. Hilcia - Thanks Hils :) Unfortunately, I can not take the credit for it :) It goes to Book Binge!

    Twisted Creek was my first Jodi Thomas as well and I knew from there, that she was something special :) It's really a great book, so different from others.

    Let me know if you read the Emma Chase :)

    I knew people would bring up Rachel Gibson's See Jane Score. For me, that book was only okay. Also, I feel Ms Gibson is also an author who kind of lost her touch :(

    Really, no contemporary author auto-buys?