Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chinese TV Series: Song in the Clouds

Tonight, I decided to spotlight one of the Chinese TV series I've recently watched: Yun Zhong Ge aka Song in the Clouds (45 episodes).

This TV series is based on a novel (same title) by romance author Tong Hua. Yun Zhong Ge is actually Tong Hua's third novel being adapted to the small screen, after Bu Bu Jing Xin (I've watched - it made me discover Yuan Hong!) and Ballad of the Desert. All three are quite epic and tragic romance stories :)

Okay, so let me try to summarize the story. Warning - I haven't read the novel, so everything is based on the TV series... or at least, what I caught. Basically, Song in the Clouds is a huge love square LOL.

Yun Ge played by Angelababy

The heroine is Yun Ge (played by Angelababy). She's from the desert part of China... When she was 8 years old, she rescued a boy and they became friends. Unfortunately, the boy had to return to the capital, but Yun Ge promised she would come and find him. Fast-forward 10 years, Yun Ge indeed keeps her promise and heads for the capital. She meets Liu Xun (played by Chen Xiao) and mistakes him for the boy from her childhood since he has the exact same jade pendant. She tries dropping hints about their past, but Liu Xun doesn't respond. Also, he loves and eventually marries another woman, Xu Ping Jun (played by Su Qing). Deciding that the boy she loved forgot all about her and their historicy, Yun Ge decides to move on. She meets Meng Jue (played by Du Chun) and falls in love with him.
Liu Xun played by Chen Xiao, LiuFu Ling played by Lu Yi

Meng Jue is ambitious and has political aspiration. When Huo Cheng Jun (played by Yang Rong) who's from a very prominent and powerful family falls in love with him, he takes advantage of her affection to get ahead. However, Meng Jue soon realizes that he must choose between Yun Ge and Huo Cheng Jun and therefore, follows his heart and chooses Yun Ge. Unfortunately for him, it's too late as Yun Ge, due to Huo Cheng Jun's lies, now believes that Meng Jue has been using her. Heart-broken for a second time, Yun Ge decides to return home... but on her way, she's caught in the middle of an ambush and is severely injured. Luckily, she is saved by Liu Fu Ling (played by Lu Yi).

Meng Jue played by Du Chun, Huo Cheng Jun played by Yang Rong

During her recovery, Yun Ge discovers a jade pendant and a jade flute and realizes that Liu Fu Ling is actually the boy she saved! Not only that, but he's never forgotten her! and oh, he's the Emperor! While Yun Ge and Liu Fu Ling reconnect, the road ahead of them is not easy. Meng Jue becomes an official in the court and tries many time to reconquer Yun Ge. Due to her family pressure, Huo Cheng Jun had to bury her love for Meng Jue and is trying to become part of the Emperor's harem, her eyes firmly set on the Empress crown.


So yeah, initially, I hadn't planned on watching Song in the Clouds. I wasn't familiar with the storyline nor the actors and the producer of this tv series was Yu Zheng... Sigh, how to say... Basically, this guy as a producer focuses on the outside and not the inside. I don't know when he started making TV series, but he's really made a name for himself in the past few years. His reputation is that he makes stunningly beautiful TV series - the set, the actors/actresses, the costumes, etc. but he butchers the storylines ^_^; Even though most of his TV series are novel adaptations, he makes the changes that suit him... and sometime, it doesn't make sense at all!

Anyway, Song in the Clouds wasn't on my radar at all. It actually finished airing at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016. I basically gave it a go because I caught Chen Xiao on another TV show and was curious to see more of him. I started by watching the last 10 episodes of Song in the Clouds and I was SOOO lost LOL. So I had to back and watch more episodes and in the end, I watched it all.. except for the first episode LOL.

Here is what I take away from this series:

1) The romance between Liu Xun and Xu Ping Jun

It was great to see the evolution of these two characters - from being nobodies to the top - and witness their love endure. They had their ups and downs, their worries, their disputes, but in the end, love prevailed :)

2) Shangguan Xiao Mei (played by Mao Xiao Tong)

Shangguan Xiao Mei is Liu Fu Ling's empress. She married him when she was 6 years old (I believe he wasn't much older). The two grew up together in the palace and their relationship is more like siblings... although I think she was developing a crush on Liu Fu Ling. Anyway, I loved her character!! Such a generous, brave and wise soul. All she wanted was Liu Fu Ling's happiness - so she embraced Yun Ge's presence in the palace and befriended her :) While she was cute as the empress, she was really regal when she became the dowager empress!! The actress did such a good job portraying this character. Definitively one of my favorite characters of the series.

3) Lu Yi

I wasn't really aware of Lu Yi as an actor before this series, but I really enjoyed his performance in Song in the Clouds. He had another TV series in 2015, so perhaps I'll check it out :)

4) The two main theme songs :)

By the way, it's true about Yu Zheng's reputation. The scenes in Song in the Clouds are gorgeous :) It does help that the main lead, Angelababy is beautiful.

So that's it for today. Just before I started this post, I realize I didn't really do a post about Nirvana in Fire, the TV series I mentioned back in September. Definitively will do a post about that one!!


  1. Nath this is really interesting!
    Do you watch this on cable tv? Have you bought the tv series?

    In Portugal we have a chinese channel in paid cable tv, I'll check it out to see if any soap opera is on but because it's not subtitled I wouldn't understand anything lolol

  2. Sonia - Yay! I'm glad someone finds it interesting! I thought nobody would read ^_^;

    I actually watch everything online... When I was younger, I used to go to the rental store and rent tapes ^_^; Then, it became DVDs... but nowadays with the internet, everything is online.

    If you're interested to watch this TV series, you can actually find it with English subtitles on Youtube! Just type Song in the Clouds and you should find it. The channel is "Engsub Drama". The only weird thing is that the screen is smaller. If not, you can check out this link: https://www.viki.com/tv/23479c-love-yunge-from-the-desert

    That website has higher quality/resolution for the TV series. However, lots of ads ^_^; Everything is fan-subbed.

    Btw, apparently, episode #1 is very confusing. It gets better though :)

    1. Lolol
      Well, I'll try to see the first one when I can. No promises it will soon though!

    2. Sonia - I hope you enjoy it!! :)

  3. Hmm, I'm going to ask my niece if this might be something she'd enjoy. She's more into the Korean dramas but she might give something like this a go.

  4. Rowena - It depends on what kind of Korean dramas she usually watch. If it's contemporary dramas, then she might not enjoy this one...