Saturday, May 14, 2016

Aspiring Green Thumb - not me!

I had planned to write a review today (no idea for which book though); however, I spent the day running around and am quite exhausted ^_^;  Instead, here is what I did today :)

First, for some reasons, I woke up insanely early ^_^; The worst is that I wasn't the only one as one of my chatrooms started to buzz with messages LOL. At least, I got to spend some time with my parents before we all went about our businesses.

I don't know if it's a new trend or craze, but in the past couple of years, I feel gardening has become really popular again. Or perhaps I have this feeling because more people around me are gardening and really enjoying it. First Ames, then V and XH and now my sister. Two years ago, my sister bought a basil plant... didn't survive really long LOL. Last year, she still bought basil and added a few other herbs... had more success with it. This year, she decided to start early and as a result, we went bright and early this morning to a seedling sale. She had told V about the seedling sale and it so happened we arrived at the same time. So I got to spend some time with V and my sister this morning :) We also went to Home Depot because they had a sale.

Let see, Emilie got lots of basil (one of the booths was giving it away free!) as well as thai basil, thyme, lavender, black prince tomatoes, golden zucchini, bell peppers, hot peppers and cucumber plants. We'll see how everything grows and if we're going to be able to harvest anything LOL. 

After parting ways with V, we went home to unload our loot and grab a bite to it. Then, went to pick up EmK to go shopping some more :) EmK was looking for shoes and now that I have a dress for the wedding, I kind of need some shoes to go with it. Sigh, it never stops LOL! Emilie finally got into the mood of trying dresses...

I thought it was nice, but she ended up not getting it. After dropping EmK at her place, we went home again. Ended the day with a work-out and sushi :)

How was your day? I had a good time today, but I'm kind of glad we still have Sunday to rest LOL.


  1. I love gardening. It feels good to see stuff grow that you planted. And keep the weeds out. :P

  2. It looks like a fun day! I enjoy buying plants, planting them and hoping they'll survive. I usually have a 50% survival rate. lol

    I spent the day cleaning and working on some projects around the house. Then played some video games and headed out this evening for shopping. A pretty good day.

  3. Your comments about gardening are very interesting. On Mothers Day, Nessa went nuts and decorated her porch with all sorts of beautiful potted plants and flowers. She chose quite a few perennials, as well as herbs. I may take a picture to show you how pretty it all looks!

    I love that dress on Emilie. The silhouette looks beautiful on her. Why didn't she buy it?

    A fun Saturday for you! I spent it home fighting a migraine. Ugh! Better today, thankfully.

  4. That's an extremely cute dress! I feel like gardening is pretty popular lately as well. I don't have a garden, but I really want to get a house plant or two for my apartment.

  5. Ames - I know you do, Ames! And I really think it's awesome that you enjoy it that much. I'm just lazy or something ^_^; Guess you really have to try it out to understand.

    Leslie - It was a nice day indeed :)

    LOL, 50% is better than me!! I dreaded having to take care of the plants when my parents are gone.

    Did you buy anything?

    Hils - Nice! I can't wait for the pictures, Hils!! We have flowerbeds at home and my parents used to plant seasonal flowers to pretty up the front, but I always felt like it was something they HAD to do as opposed to a true hobby/passion.

    The silhouette was indeed nice on her... but you know how Emilie is LOL. In the end, I thinks he didn't buy it because if you look closely, on the right, the collar bunch up a little.

    And I'm sorry you had a migraine :( Glad you're feeling better!!

    Samantha - I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling that way, Samantha :) And yes, plants and flowers are nice touches of colors :)

    1. I only went grocery shopping so nothing exciting although I did buy some new shampoo to try. :)

  6. Oh dang that's a lot of sushi. I love it! That dress is cute too. I need to find a dress for my niece's wedding next month but I hate going out and shopping.

  7. I just take care of my roses. I wouldn't mind herbs but I worry about all the animals. Squirrels, skunks and raccoons getting to them.

  8. Wena - Yep. and we almost finished it all ^_^;

    My advice, go shopping with friends. It helps. Just try on every dress and have them choose LOL.

    Isabel - Roses are pretty! My dad's been into dahlias the last few years. LOL, he just put them in the ground today and I keep thinking they're tomato plants ^_^;

    So far, we've been lucky. No issue with animals... but my friend had to declare war to the squirrels.