Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Romance Starter Kits - Paranormal romance

It's really tricky to make the distinction between paranormal romance, urban fantasy and sometimes, even fantasy romance. It's actually quite subjective and everyone has their own criteria. I was there when paranormal made it on the scene... but I feel it was quickly eclipsed by urban fantasy. Nowadays, there's only a handful of paranormal series and authors that I follow... and as you can imagine, they are part of my starter kit :)

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
Demon Angel by Meljean Brook
Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper

I think that Ms Singh's Slave to Sensation goes without saying. One of the best and most popular series, the Psy-Changelings delivers in every book: great characters, great romance and awesome plots. Each book was key for the overall storyline. Really looking forward to Allegiance of Honor and the next story arc.

What I like about Demon Angel is the different twist Ms Brook has on vampires and angels. Okay, they're not really angels, but still. It was quite refreshing from all the other shapeshifters and vampires books. The romance in Demon Angel was also epic. Something else that's great about The Guardians series is that it's complete! With a very satisfying ending.

Not all paranormal romance books need to be dark. Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs is the best example of that. I consider this fluffy paranormal romance, something that is definitively needed :) Just love the heroine in this one, she's so much fun.

Hmmm, my list is a bit short, but that's all I can think of. What about you? what books would be in your paranormal romance starter kit?


  1. Yasss, Slave to Sensation gets all of the yesses from me! Love it!

  2. I'd add Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other, Ilona Andrews' On the Edge, and G.A. Aiken's Dragon Actually.

  3. Rowena - LOL, I bet Slave to Sensation gets your vote! Given how you're devouring this series!! But seriously, really one of the best paranormal series out there. One of the few that I've read till the end :) So definitively deserves my vote.

    Leslie - Hmmm, I wasn't a fan of On The Edge and I actually have difficulty with Ms Andrews' writing in other series than Kate Daniels and Kinsmen, so that's why I didn't put her in. I know that Book Binge put Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other... and I thought of it, for the "primitive" feel of the writing... but that series just drags on and on and on. So I didn't put it on my list. As for G.A. Aiken, I've never read her ^_^;

  4. I'd second Nalini Singh, though haven't loved her most recent ones. I'm still looking forward to the new one though.

    I never got into the Meljean Brook series though I know so many people loved them. I really liked her steampunk Iron Seas books though - would you classify them as paranormal?

  5. Li - Really? I thought the last three were pretty awesome! :) I'm looking forward to the spin-off :P

    I'd probably put steampunk more into the fantasy category than paranormal. I wasn't a huge fan of her Iron Seas series though...

  6. Nath, Nalini Singh and Meljean Brook! Those are fantastic recommendations for your starter kit. Readers will be spoiled after those. LOL!

    I don't have anything else to offer. :)

    PS: I agree with Les, though, A Hunger Like No Other, and quite a few of the books in that Kresley Cole series are fantastic! It's later… well… the series just fizzles, but that first book is worth the rec.

  7. Hilcia - I know... but might as well recommend the best, right?

    I guess it's because I wasn't that into A Hunger Like No Other, that's why I didn't recommend it. I actually like the one that was a prequel novella... and the third book, can't remember the name, but it has winter in it.