Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The reason why...

The real reason why I'm not blogging as much as I used to is not curling. Yes, curling takes a lot of my time... but I'm pretty sure I could manage reading, blogging and curling. No, the real reason why I don't blog as much as I used to is... Candy Crush. I've mentioned it in the past, but seriously, this is an addiction I can't seem to kick.

Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda and Farm Heroes... I can spend mindless hours rotating these three games and play. I used to spend my free time at work writing posts... now, I play ^_^;

One of the reasons why I can't seem to stop is because I'm competitive. Look where I'm at!!

Yep, level 1711! At this point though, I'm not sure if I should be proud or sad... but I'm thinking the latter ^_^;

What about you? Any game addiction?

Between, if anyone has suggestions for a 12-steps program, feel free LOL


  1. I've stayed far, far away from this game. I've heard way too much about how addictive it is.

    You know I play video games but they're not portable (PS4) so a little easier to step away from. I did get into playing jigsaw puzzles on my Kindle. Pretty pictures, animals, scenic views. You can adjust the difficulty, number of pieces etc. Yep, additive.

  2. I'm glad that I'm not as involved in any of those games anymore but I am addicted to the piano tiles 2 game on my phone. It's like guitar hero and I can't stop freaking playing that damn game.

  3. I too have fallen down the Candy Crack Black Hole. It's mindless, I'm tired and Candy Crack doesn't require the same amount of brain activity as reading does (at least for me). So, yeah. Plus, you're my only FB friend who is ahead of me! I am DETERMINED to catch-up with Nath! But alas, I'm *only* on level 1672.

    Life. Neither one of us has one.

  4. Mine are: Simpsons Tapped out, Family Guy quest for stuff, and the dinsey tsum tsum game. Ugh..
    I gave up on candy crush. lol.

  5. Leslie - Nod nod. I play all those games only on FB. Not on my phone or anything... so when I'm out, it's okay. But when I'm home or at work? ^_^; It's true though, video games, you have to turn it on, get comfy, etc. So a bit easier not to get into it at inappropriate moment.

    Ha, I used to play jigsaw puzzles too on MSN. Stopped doing it now. Sigh, so many distractions!!

    Rowena - LOL, Piano Tiles 2? that means, there's a version 1? :P It actually sounds fun... but I never was much into Guitar Hero. But yeah, I am not checking out any of the games mentioned in this comment section LOL.

    Wendy - Hi Wendy!! LOL, I know you've fallen in the Candy Crack Black Hole because I see you! And the requests/lives sent LOL. I agree. It's brainless or required a lot less attention, so it's easy...

    LOL, you can do it! It's only 3-4 arcs different. It'd be fun to have company up there :P

    See, I'm up-to-date, so I have to wait every Wednesday for the new levels... and I usually clear them in a couple of days. The thing is, you need to keep playing to accumulate those bonus, so it's easy to clear the new levels. People at King who developed this games - EVIL!

    Isabel - Never heard of those games. It's crazy right, when you start listing those games? I've had an evolution of them...

  6. I thought I left a comment here?

    Anyway, I can't believe you made it to that level! I deleted the app because it's so addicting! No more Candy Crush anything for me…

  7. Hilcia - Yep, I'm that far ^_^; Quite sad... I just can't seem to quit :(

  8. Hilcia - Yep, I'm that far ^_^; Quite sad... I just can't seem to quit :(