Thursday, May 05, 2016

E-books Library Format

Ugh. After going out the past two days, I was looking forward to coming home straight from work and blog, update my spreadsheets, read... Of course, it didn't happen that way. Instead, there was a huge accident on the bridge and therefore, huge traffic jam. The good news is I wasn't stuck in traffic. Instead, my sister and I went shopping (she's looking for a bridal shower's gift. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to share!). Came home empty-handed, sigh. Anyway, all to say that there's a reason why this post is so late today!

All right, e-books library! We often share pictures of our physical bookshelves, but what about the virtual ones? I was talking with Rowena yesterday about our e-books library and she sent me pictures of hers... so I thought it'd be a great topic :)

First, how do you name your files? This is the format I use:

Author - [Series 0#] - Title

I use it for all formats - epub, pdf, mobi, etc. For authors, I usually go up to two if it's a collaboration. Any more and it falls under "Anthology."

As for the library itself, I file the ebooks by formats. And that's it.

Here is how it looks:

Lately, my "epub" folder is getting quite big and so, I'm considering sub-filing the ebooks into "A authors", "B authors", etc. folders.

What about you? What does your ebooks library look like?


  1. Mine is by Title, Author, Tags, Series Publisher and Published Date. It can be sorted by any column.

  2. That is so much more organized than my library... If mine was this organized I might remember to read them. lol

  3. Leslie - Is that your spreadsheet or the actual epub files, Leslie? how can you sort by columns for files? Or you add the columns? That's actually quite interesting. But that means, the file itself has a shorter name?

    Kailana - LOL. Well, it's so easy to have ebooks and lose tracks ^_^;

  4. You already know how I sort my eBook collection but I'm going to tell everyone else. Haha.

    My books are sorted by Author - Release Year - Series # - Title and each book has its own folder since I keep all formats in that one folder. I update my eBook collection every month too, adding new books and what not.

  5. Nath! Welcome back! I've been reading your posts :)
    I have a big folder with books, then I have folders by authors (and a sub folder to m/m writers) and another for books I've read. The rest of books by authors whose work I don't know or if I only have one book by one author I just have them there waiting to be read...

  6. I use Calibre - but mine is a mess LOL. I really need to create separate folders to help make some sense of it. Right now I'm mostly relying on tags, which hasn't been too bad since the majority of my ebooks are Harlequins and I tag them by what line they fall in.

    Ugh, and let's not talk about the books I have floating around in my Kindle cloud. Seriously, I need to do something about organizing my ebooks....

  7. Wena - LOL, I'm sure everyone wants to know!

    I've seen pictures of your library and it's really impressive! :) perhaps a bit too many folders for me though... but obviously, it works for yo :) For me, I mostly have epub format only for the ebooks, so that's why I did by format.

    Sonia - LOL, so you technically have a TBR folder :P Not a bad idea at all!! It definitively gives you an idea of what to read ;)

    Wendy - Good luck Wendy!! At least, you have tags... because starting a library from scratch, when you have sooo many ebooks is not easy.

  8. Of course they do! :)

  9. I use Calibre. But, I don't really keep track of my ebooks! I have duplicates all over the place, and half the time I don't know what I have… I mean, I've purchased books twice because I don't know what have. That's how bad I am about keeping track.

    I admire your organizational skills when it comes to this!

  10. Wena - :P

    Hilcia - LOL, Hils!! It's probably a lot easier to purchase ebooks twice than print books ^_^; Just one click.