Monday, August 07, 2006

Review: Just for Kicks by Susan Andersen

Ah, finally a good book :D I haven't read a book that I truly enjoyed for the past couple weeks, so this book comes as a relief :D

Just for Kicks by Susan Andersen: 4.25/5 (B+)

So I was looking for good books and came across the title while visiting Zeek's blog when she asked for suggestions. Zeek said she had to go buy this one and so when I saw it at Waltmart yesterday, I picked it up (25% off :P) The funny thing is that there's not really a plot. I mean, yes, there's a storyline, but no intrigue, no murder, no investigation... so I guess this was the change from the other books I've been reading recently. And from what I gathered, this is the sequel to Skintight, which I'll try to find this week.

Carly Jacobson is a Vegas showgirl living in some condo unit. She's been having a tough time lately, because her latest baby (animals that she finds and bring back home), Rufus, has been toying with her nerves. Rufus is a pup that simply doesn't listen to orders and that could mean troubles if her new neighbor, Wolfgang Jones, decide to complain to the condo manager as each tenant can only have on pet... and Carly has 4. Carly and Wolfgang work at the same establishment (I think it's some sort of casino) and to say they don't get along well is putting it mildly. In short, both don't think highly of each other: in Carly's opinion, Wolfgang is too stuck up and unsociable while Wolfgang believes that Carly is an irresponsible chit.

Actually, Carly's opinion of Wolfgang is not far from the truth... as Wolfgang is very serious, a bit inflexible and doesn't like to socialize much. Because of his father's work, Wolfgang had had to move a lot, both within USA and abroad, and he has lived in many embassies; however, not as the rich socialite, but as the son of middle class. So after having been snobbed by the higher social class in his teens, Wolfgang has come up with THE plan: basically, he's working in security at a casino in Vegas to gain experience in order to become head director of a security branch in some big company. Once he'll get his dream job, he'll find a nice woman to marry... someone nice, gentle and responsible... the complete opposite of Carly.

However, Wolfgang and Carly get to know each other better when Niklaus, Wolfgang's nephew, move in with him. Niklaus is 17 y.o. and is the son of Wolfgang's daughter. Pretty much like Wolfgang, the teenager has had to move a lot in his life due to his flimsy mother. Worried about his association with some not so nice kids, the grandparents decide that it's perhaps better to have Niklaus move with Wolfgang for some stability... however, the question is how long will this stability last as Wolfgang will soon move to another state for his job.

My synopsis of the book is not that good ^^; but it's kind of hard to write one up, because as I say, there's no major event or showdown in the book. Basically, what I liked about this book is that Wolfgang and Carly didn't tiptoe around sex... as in, there wasn't a zillion scenes of foreplay. So Carly and Wolfgang had a bad start as they don't think much of each other, but they can't deny that they are attracted to each other. Once they get together, they get to learn from each other... Actually, it is Wolfgang who gets to know Carly better and his opinion of her changes for the better. At the same time, Wolfgang starts to change as well; he's becoming more friendly for his job, for Carly and for Niklaus. Something else I liked was the neighborhood: Carly's best friend, Treena, and fiance, Jax, as well as the older couple, Mack and Elyse. Their relationships are fun and relax, when reading the book I'm thinking: how I'd like to have neighbors like them. Niklaus storyline was nice as well and it was fun for once not to read about a bullied or outcast teenager. Finally, Wolfgang giving up his nice plan for his love for Carly and Niklaus.

so this book is definitively a keeper :D


  1. I really enjoyed this book, too. Skin Tight is Treena and Jax's book and I truly enjoyed that one, too. Even more so than this one.

    You know Mack and Ellen from this story? There's is the secondary romance in Skin Tight. I'd highly recommend it. ;)

  2. hello holly :D

    yeah, that's what I figured out, I mean, that Mack and Ellen fell in love in Skin Tight.... I'm definitively getting it, but for the moment, I'm going to read Hot and Bothered.

  3. I see you have Black Ice in your TBR. hope you enjoy it more than i did. :-(

    loved Devil in WInter!!!!!!

    your dumpling made me hungry lol

  4. Sounds like it's more character driven rather than plot and I love those from time to time.

    Get her backlist, you won't regret it (except the releases of her older ones- she hadn't found her voice yet and not near as good in my opinion!)

    Anyway, I can't wait to read this one!

  5. Oh, and Hot & Bothered is the THIRD in a mini-series (comes after Head over Heels & Getting Lucky. ) Of these threee HOH was my favorite I think ...

  6. mailyn - you can't eat me :D cos i'll fly so fast you'll have difficulty catching me (well at least, i hope)as for Devil in Winter, i know that tons liked it :P that's why i bought it, even tho I'm not sure about lisa Kleypas (never read her...)

    zeek - yeah, Just for Kicks was more characters driven and it was really well written, so it was a good read... I'm getting tired of books where the author starts writing about the intrigue, murder, investigation and then, focus only on the romance, doesn't develop the "plot" and then, you end up with crappy explanations as to who did it. So read it, quite entertaining :D as for hot and bothered, i figured out it was a mini-series since at the end, you get his two friends with their wives :D

  7. Susan Andersen's pretty hit or miss for me, but this one looks interesting and I might try it out. Thanks for the review!

  8. I bought this one, so I'm glad you like it.

  9. Ames - you might not like it, since there is a teenager and he does try to hook up the h/h... let me know :D

  10. Sounds good. Andersen is hit or miss for me too. But this one sounds intriguing so it's going on my wishlist. Thanks for the review.