Sunday, August 13, 2006

The books of this week-end...

So, once again, I spent almost all my week-end reading :P I really should be doing so lab work, but I'm a born procastinator. So I read :D

Day of Fire by Kathleen Nancy: 2.5/5

Day of Fire is the second book of the 2176 series, which consists of books written by different authors. My favorite so far is Power of Two by Patti O'Shea - it was really good :D So let me try to summarize the series...
The UCE: In the 21st and 22nd centuries, the United States changed and grew. Now the United Colonies of Earth dominate the globe. But a mysterious voice is broadcasting treason, inciting revolution and referring to the "Ideals of 1776"—and to an enigmatic figure named Banzai Maguire.
Banzai Maguire and her co-pilot are from the year, actually, I'm not sure, but they are from before 2000... they crashed during a routine exercise somewhere around North Korea. Scientists found their bodies and geo-crystallized them.... almost 200 years later when the world has changed, Banzai Maguire's body was revived... Founding herself in a different era, she starts hearing a voice, the Voice of Freedom, which tells them that they have to revolt in order to free themselves from the dictatorship of the UCE... and so, the series is 5 books about 5 different women during those perilous times.

Day of Fire is Day Daniels' story. Day is a Canadian Mountie whose mottos are Be it All, Do it All. In the year 2176, Canada has been cut off of the world, because bioterrorists have unleashed smallpox, ebola and other viruses during the year 2070. Abandonned by the world, Canada has to survive on their own... even today, in 2176, Canada is still in quarantine until they can prove that they are virus-free. Anyway, this quarantine period has given rise to the plague hunters, doctors - doctors in charge of eradicating and treating any epidemics. They are not well-loved as their presence usually indicate the presence of virus and it usually creates panic among the population. Anyway, Day Daniels is investigating the death of her partner, Luc Robicheaux, and has to partner with Julian Firebird, a plague hunter. Day Daniels is unhappy, because she is by the books while plague hunters are known to do whatever they want, whenever they want... however, she doesn't have a choice if she wants to find out Luc Robicheaux' murderer, because on Luc's Mountie hat, they found DNA of a new strain of smallpox. So basically, days before the announcement of the virus-free Canada, some ppl plan to release a new virus. Both investigate hard to try to stop this from happening, but it becomes more complicated when the all clues lead to the Shinook, a native tribe... whose leader is no one else than Julian Firebird.

Okay, first embarrassing admission... I might be Canadian, but I have no knowledge of the Mounties... in fact, you don't have many of them here. Anyway, that Day is a Mountie or regular cop, I don't really care. The original idea was a clever one, I have to admit... however, the book is completely ruined by Day in my opinion. At one point, I really wanted to tell her that the world doesn't revolve around her... sheeh. As the main character, she wasn't really likable... She kept jumping to conclusions even though she was told not to, she kept doubting Julian and both things were annoying as hell. And although she wasn't supposed to be, I thought she was conceited. Whenever they learn something, she had to thing how it affected her first. As for Julian, he was okay, but somewhat forgettable character. I also had difficulty to assimilate how Banzai and the whole Voice of Freedom thing and revolution was linked in this story... sure, it was mentioned... but why would Canada, who has just regained its status in the world would involve itself in the revolution? no idea.

Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas: 3.5/5

This novel is part of the Wallflower series... I haven't read any of them beside Devil in Winter and I wasn't planning to, but this book received so much praise that I was curious, so when I came across it at the used book store, I got it. I also got It Happened One Automn, but I kept reading how Lillian was not likeable in the Spring book, so it didn't make me want to read it... sigh.

Anyway, most of you already know the plot, but if you don't... it goes along the line of: Evangeline Jenner is a shy red-head who stammers. Her mother was the youngest of the Maybrick who as her rebellion, eloped with Ivo Jenner, a boxer from a lesser class who later found a club. Unfortunately for Evie, her mother died in childbirth and she was sent back to the Maybrick, as a club was nowhere to raise a young lady. The Maybricks are basically ashame of Evie lineage, so they've treated her badly (beat and starve her)... She also couldn't find a good match; however, Ivo Jenner is about to die and Evie is now an heiress, so the Maybricks plan to marry her to her cousin in order to profit from her inheritance. Evie knows that if this happens, she will probably die and so she runs to the rake, Viscount Sebastien St-Vincent who she knows need an heiress and makes him a proposition: he marries her so she can escape from her family, he gets lots of $$... they make love once, so the marriage is consumated and can't be annuled and after that no more. He will put a large amount of money aside for her and allow her to take care of her father for his last few days. Sebastien is in dire need of money and so he has no choice and accepts. So they get married, Ivo dies, the Maybricks try to get Evie back, Sebastien takes the rein of the club and Evie and Sebastien fall in love with each other.

All right... well, Devil in Winter was a good book, but I think I miss something somewhere because I don't understand the buzz it received. Evie is a great heroine tho... she's not stupid, she knows what she wants which is a great improvement from helpless heroines. She is gutsy and stubborn, so yeah, basically great. Sebastien on the other hand was okay... I didn't care much about his arrogance, his opinions and ways of thinking... and I got all confused by the way he was depicted. I mean, he is depicted one way, but then all his actions contradict his personality - I'm talking mainly about him managing the club. Okay, his friend Westcliff did say that his action was unlike him but why? because he loves Evie, is that why he's managing the club? or because he needs money? I believe it's more the latter... and then, the half-sibling plotline was SOOO obvious... Maybe I didn't want to like this book and it affect my opinion on the book or maybe it's because I prefer contemporaries... but still... it was an okay read, nothing really spectacular.

By the way, historicals lovers - don't you think the: "I can't believe he is kissing me down there" is a bit tiring... I know that they don't know... but not every author needs to have this generic scene in their books.

I see you by Holly Lisle: 4/5

So at least, one good book :D This was in my TBR pile after reading Tara Marie's blog :D It was her July TBR challenge... I thought it sound good, so I got it :D Yeah, I'm like that... few good words for a book and I want to own it ^^;

Dia Courvant is a paramedic and almost lives for her job. She's saved alot of lives, but has also seen a lot of deaths in her life ; however, the death that affected her most must have been her husband... Mac was also a paramedic, but one night, his ambulance was in an accident because the driver tried to avoid a kid and her team was dispatched for the rescue, but there was nothing she could do for him. Four years later, there are a series of bad car accidents and the worst is that someone is causing them. Detective Brig Hafferty is assigned to the case. He and his partner go to the EMT and there, he sees Dia whom he already met during the crash... both are drawn to each other: they're both each other type, although neither is looking and neither want a relationship. However, when Dia is being stalked and start receiving death threats, she calls in Brig for help and their attraction leads to combustion. So who's stalking Dia? Who wants her dead?

I thought the author handled the suspens part well and the book was indeed a bit freaky... all those messages appearing on the mirror, the dreams and the bits of paranormal elements. The only thing tho, it was kind of evident that it was one of Dia's friend ^^; Also, I was going to say that the car explosion was a bit far-fetched, but then I thought of the Plum books... and I though, no... actually, it could have happened :P Brig and Dia's relationship went fast... the first time they had sex, well I thought - wow, that was really really fast. I knew they were attracted, but it had be good if they waited a bit. Other than that, everything was pretty good. The spooky events, the murder, how everything was connected. However, I disagree with Tara Marie... This book did contain a fair amount of romance as we got to see a lot about their relationship and how it evolved.

That's it for today :D

ps - I see on Amazon that there is only 5 copies left of Ravyn's flight... what to do? should I order it or not? i'm actually going to Boston next week-end, maybe I could get it there... And how come Chapters and Indigo didn't get more copies?