Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Review: Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts

Hello everyone, as you can see, I've been reading books and enjoying them :) My focus problem has gone away! *happy dance* So yesterday, since there was no tennis to watch, I read Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts which is one of my many, many new purchases ^^;

Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts: N/A

I wasn't sure how to grade this book and in the end, I decided to wait till the trilogy is completely out or at least, till the next volume is out to grade the book.

One thing that's always a constant with Nora Roberts is that her books are well-written and this one is no exception. However, I'm not too sure what my feelings are - there are parts I like and parts I don't.

Okay, so the story is something like: Hoyt MacCionaoith is a sorcerer in the 12th century and his twin brother, Cian, has been turned into a vampire. So Hoyt confronts Cian's sire, gorgeous Lilith, and managed to wound her and unfortunately for Hoyt, he killed Cian, or so he thinks. Anyhow, the goddess Morrigan appears to Hoyt and tells him that Lilith wants to take over the world - all worlds (past, present, future, alternative, parallel) and that only an army of 6, which comprises Hoyt, will be able to defeat her. The army of 6 consists of Hoyt, Cian, a warrior, a scholar, a witch and one of many forms. So Hoyt is sent to our time in New York City to recruit the members... first one being Cian.

Now Cian, also known as Cain, is almost 1000 years old, incredibly rich and lonely. Perhaps not lonely, but detached... because if he cares, he'll hurt. Anyway, Hoyt recruits Cian, Cian's friend King, and the witch and hop, they are on their way to Ireland... back to Hoyt's family house few century's ago and there, they'll find the others. So basically, there's some magic happening, some training (hand-to-hand and weapon) and some attacks and killing vampires.

Hmmm... It's not a bad first installment. However, I think that one of my complaint is how predictable it is... I mean, the pairings of characters is very easy to deduct (esp. with all the family ties going) and eventually, you know that they'll win and love will prevail :P I do complain that it is predictable; however, I will admit that Nora Roberts did put in some twists and those weren't bad... but you do know immediately when you read the book who's going to be important and who's not.

SPOILERS - highlight to read

Like King. King is Cian's friend and has been saved by Cian so that's why he's so loyal. At first, he is mistaken to be the warrior... however, while reading the book, all I could think is "I hope King is not the warrior because if he's really the warrior, I don't want to read his book" Sad, but yeah... that's life. Also, a major give-away that another character was going to be introduced was the fact that the numbers didn't add up: 4 males + 2 females doesn't = 3 romances ^^;


What else? Two more bads... 1) too much of Morrigan. I know it's fantasy so yeah, goddess is accepted... but Morrigan makes it too easy. She basically arranged everything... who, when and where. You already know where the final battle will take place... urgh. 2) The time traveling... it was a nice touch, but too much in my opinion. Basically, my problem is that this trilogy sounds a bit too much like the Key trilogy. You have the goddess and the old language and different world. Why couldn't she write contemporary paranormal, instead of always adding divinity?!? It's just starting to be a tad redundant.

So, what's the good? Characters... well not all of them. Moira-the scholar- annoys the hell out of me. Larkin - one of many forms- passes out as juvenile to me until Blair mentions how handsome he is. Hoyt is the leader, but he's a bit boring and gives too much orders... or perhaps is that it's seems he ignores the problem. However, Glenna - the witch - is quite entertaining. Cian- the vampire- is really cool... and Blair -the warrior- kicks butts. Another good? The inner conflicts and the relationships are well built.

Verdict: it's a good start for a trilogy... however, Nora Roberts will have to come up big with the next two books to amaze me, cos so far, it's a tad too typical. Also, there's not much world building, it's pretty much our times + vampires and some mystical entities, thus it doesn't sound like a "vampire" books... if the vampires were switches by demons, you'd get the same results. So for ppl who don't like vampires books but enjoy Nora Roberts, just go ahead...


  1. Yeah, see I was interested in this trilogy too but something stopped me from buying. I've decided to just wait until the trilogy is done and see what the verdict is--what kind of reviews it gets and then go from there.

  2. Glad you got your mojo back! I'm trying to catch up with my TBR and I've tried to stop buying books but I can't. I blame it on Amazon for hypnotizing me into buying books and things I don't need. LOL.

  3. DanceChica - Good decision, the waiting. I mean, it's well-written, but I'm not sure if the plot is all that interesting. Since I've already committed myself, I'll continue buying them and I'll let you know :)

    Mailyn - Yeah, I'm glad too. I know, I've been buying sooooo much books lately...worst, I'm not even doing it online, I actually go into the bookstore which means I'm actually doing detours ^^;

  4. Nath - Great, I look forward to seeing what you think of the trilogy when it's done! :-)

    Mailyn - Online bookstores just make things too easy, don't they? I swear I am totally addicted to Amazon.

  5. I'm actually a little relieved reading your review of this. I'm not a vampire girl, don't really get the attraction. So I was afraid this was going to be really different than NR's normal stuff. So I'm glad to hear it's not. :) I'm going to read it. I have to.

    It totally sucks about all the rain delays at the US Open. Boo! But Andy Roddick won last night! YAY! Who are you rooting for? I want Andy to win, but I also like Baghdadis (sp?) and Federer (of course, though he always wins, so I think I'd like to see someone else win, eh?!)

  6. DanceChica: I'll let you know for sure! :)

    Jennie: You should definitively read it if you like her stuff, esp. Key trilogy. I mean, yeah, there's vampires, b ut it's really not different from her usual, so you should like it. As for the US Open, yeah, rain delay really really sucks. I'm rooting for Justine Henin-Hardenne :) really luv her style. As for the guys, I'm pretty open. I like Lleyton Hewitt, but I doubt he will do well. I like Baghdadis too and I'm presently rooting for him, but tough against Agassi.

  7. I've started to read it, but...sigh...I'm not completely hooked/grabbed yet. We'll see. I've been looking forward to it, because I love Nora, and have been wanting to see how she writes a vampire trilogy.

    I was going to wait until all three were out, but since her Big Bad is a Lilith vampire, and so is mine...well,I had to find out just who her Lilith is and if mine could take her or not! LOL.

    So, I may wait, or I may finish it now. We'll see. I can say, it's not calling to me.

  8. Hello Colleen :)

    See my problems with this "vampire" trilogy are 1)not enough emphasis on the vampire and 2)NR didn't go out of her comfort zone.

    ah well, we'll all have to wait for the next two to have a better idea.