Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Skintight by Susan Andersen: some thoughts...

hello everyone,

yes, still at the lab... but at least, now I have a full stomach :D another 30min and I should be on my way home... yay: home. nay: 45min of driving. argh. I'm exhausted.

anyway, as I'm waiting again (yes, in science, you do 10 minutes of work and you have 30-45min of waiting), I thought I would post my first thoughts about Skintight:

- I actually like Treena and Jax. I mean, it's almost all the same characters as Just for Kicks and they are all quite likeable.

- the fact that they dance topless (they = Treena and Carly) doesn't bother me. it's work right? (and i've always been bad as picturing what i'm reading)

- Mack and Ellen's love story: hmmm... this one was meh. Actually, Mack seems a bit different from this book than in Just for Kicks. I guess it's because in this one, he lusts for Ellen as in the other, he has her. (again, I'm glad I can't picture what I'm reading... 60 y.o. woman's cleavage? no offense, but not something I find totally attractive)

- Jax + Treena: okay, I have to say yay, Treena never had sex with her husband who was Jax' father. and yes, Jax and Treena do have sex. So yes, I understand that probably, the author thinks that Treena having sex with the father and later, the son would be icky (EWWWW), and so Susan Anderson writes the story in such a way that Treena and Big Jim (why Big?) never consumated their marriage, but please. Why is it that they always do that? yes, I know... the ewww factor, but let's be realistic? what's the probability that a woman marries an older man and never have sex with him before and father the wedding? not at least once? so that, I found a bit unbelievable.

- Other than that, I need to re-read the book again to really enjoy it.

ps - thanx mailyn for the words of encouragement. Yes, it will and it must work.


  1. I read this and can't really remember it. I hate when that happens. I did enjoy it though. LOL

  2. Hehehe, just remember it could be worse. You could be forced to read your least favorite book! LOL. That was lame but it's all I got. I'm not good at cheering people up. Now depressing people. that's my expetise. LOL.

  3. And horrible grammar as well. LMAO.

  4. ames - it was an enjoyable book. the only big default is the sex thing with Big Jim... just a bit unbelievable.

    mailyn - haha... and don't worry about grammar, i won't notice :D