Monday, August 21, 2006

Boston and books

Hello ppl,

I went to Boston this week-end, to visit some family and I had a blast :D Best of all (well, not best best, because best best is seeing relatives that I haven't seen in 3 years, but pretty high in the list) is that I was able to go to Barnes and Nobles... a first :D So here are my new additions:

Ravyn's Flight by Patti O'Shea (youppi!!! now I have to cancel my amazon order.)
The Comeback Kiss by Lani Diane Rich
Queen, Diamond and Lucky by Sharon Sala (i.e. 3 different books)
Baby, Don't go by Susan Andersen
The Kept Woman by Susan Donovan
The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men by Christie Ridgway
The Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop

I have to say that I was quite impressed by the bookstore, because they had lots of books from the backlist of authors. I mean, at Indigo and Chapters, at least in Montreal, they usually have most recent books or those that they know are very good sellers. So the books such as Sharon Sala, The Comeback Kiss and others are not in store and I would have to order them. I've also seen Cherish by Catherine Anderson, which again, can't find in Montreal, and many more books. Once I finish cruising through the romance section, I think that my pile was of 18 books. I had to cut down from fear of my mother's pestering afterwards :P

So I'll be adding some recent reads sometime today :D



  1. Yay! You got the Black Jewels trilogy. That trilogy is so awesome! I don't think you'll be disappointed. :)

  2. I haven't picked up Black Jewels yet, but I am meaning too!

    (Hey I did pick up Dark Lover, though! FINALLY!)

  3. Btw, have you ever read any Susan Elizabeth Phillips'yet? I think you might like her!

  4. dance chica - Yay indeed for the trilogy :D well, it's all because of you (very nice review) so I'll hold you responsible :P I was going to buy "Dreams made Flesh" too, but then, had to limit myself :P I have to say tho, her newest covers are nicer :P

    Zeek - good, Dark Lover :) read it and tell us what you think :D As for Susan Elizabeth Phillips, I did read one or two of hers and found them okay... I think I read Cal Bonner's story and the team owner's sister story.

  5. Seems like you got some good stuff there--I really liked The Comeback Kiss--very funny.

    I get ridiculously excited about shopping in good, big bookstores. My family won't go with me anymore because I browse so long. ;)

  6. I too have decided to go with the Black Jewels many people liked it, I had to give it a go!

    Love bookstores...small, big, or used, they are all magical places. So glad you found some gooooood books!


  7. Yippieee!!!!! The Black Jewels!!!!!! Muahahaha

  8. Nath - Uh-Oh, I'm being held personally responsible. LOL. :P

    Jennie - I'm the exact same way. No one likes to go into bookstores with me because I take forever. I'll say, "I'm just going to pick up one thing" and they know it's a lie. Not because I mean it to be but because I am incapable of running in and out for just "one thing". :-D

  9. Yeah, I luv book stores, but they're even better when you can find everything you want :D As for shopping, I never go book shopping when my parents are there unless I know specifically what I want. Otherwise, they get impatient. with my friends and sis, it's fine tho.

  10. Hi Nath!! Glad you had a good time in Boston. I was supposed to go down to the states in September and all I could think of was which books did I want to buy for cheap? LOL But now I'm not going. Blech.

  11. I know Ames! With the Canadian dollar going up, it's becoming really interesting to buy books in the US. Too bad you're not going tho :(

  12. I bookshop alone too. Hate having people sighing and trailing me to push me along!

  13. So I'll be adding some recent reads sometime today


    LOL What kind of lab do you work in? Medical? Veterinary? Scientific for science sake?