Friday, August 11, 2006

My book shelves :D

If you've read my earlier posts, you probably know that I'm tired and my brain is mushy. That means I probably won't start a new book tonight... so instead of writing a review or a "recent reads" I'll post some pics... of my books :D I just transferred them from my camera to my computer.

It's kind of crazy the amount of books I have and I'm sure it's pretty much the same for all of us, bookworms :P When you look at the shelves, it's deceptive. Anyway, I used to only have one bookshelve, but I needed another one... so my sister gave me hers (sometimes, she can be really sweet :)

So this is the sorting of the books:

And this is once it's all in order and nicely shelved:

So, basically, I have a shelf for my hardcovers, an unit for my paperbacks and smaller unit for my manga. Now, this was back in January... ^^; Oh, by the way, in the pics, my paperbacks' unit... that's double-stacked (i.e. that there's a layer of books behind what you see) and now, I'm at triple-stacking my books. By a quick count, I can say that I've acquired 7 new hardcovers, close to a 100 (yes, a 100... I can't believe it either) paperbacks and I can't keep track of the mangas... Amazing. Frightening.

I kind of understand why my mom thinks that I buy too much books... Anyway, I should start looking for a new shelving unit... and place to put it in my room. My dad told me to put some of my books in the basement... but at the thought of my books in the basement, where it's cold, humid and dark... my poor books!

So that's it for today :D


  1. Woah!! I did a post when I first started blogging about my bookshelves. All I can say is they don't like that anymore. LOL

    You have lots. Hey, do you get the random urge sometimes to resort them? Every few months, I'll move mine around from shelf to shelf.

  2. that's what mine looked like in the beginning, too. now...well...let's not go there. lol

    ames, i do that. i just have to reorganize or something. i think i have issues. lol

  3. *whistles* Wow. That's a lot. I think you have me topped. And this makes me want to sort my books again. :)

  4. oh yeah, always... the urge to resort the books... but I'm too lazy. and then, what happens usually, is that the books accumulate around my bed, because I read in bed. So I'll have half my bed space taken by books and my night table will be overtaken!

  5. Wow! Looks like you have quite a collection. Very organized too. :)

    I recently bought new bookshelves and then I decided that I needed to sort all my books alphabetically. My sister thought I was nuts, but I love it! It makes me happy, y'know? Sure you do.

  6. I actually don't sort all of my books alphabetically ^^; well, actually i do, but it's more complicated because I had to double-stacked them. Instead, I sorted them into genre --> romance, romantic suspens and paranormal and then, the ones I love and the ones I like. Then alphabetically... So the one I like are in the back and the one I luv are in the front ^^; complicated no?

  7. Nothing I love better than PACKED bookshelves. It's a beautiful thing.

    (Right now mine are all in storage~ one day I'll be able to show you mine too!)

  8. Oh I love when people post pictures of their book collection. I just love looking at stacks of books.

    BTW, where did you get your bookcases if you don't mind my asking? I've been trying to find something like that...

  9. hhheeeeeeeee

    I took my books down at the beginning of the year and they were crawling up my walls for three? four months?

    I think I have arounde 1300. Four book shelves (one in the wall) and I still two rows stacked against one shelf in my room.

    OH you know I have trades in the closet still on the floor I forgot about that.

    Damn and I am thinking of moving. Packing will so blow.

  10. Holy crap! For a second I thought this was a pix of Barnes and Noble. Nice work! Although I shouldn't really talk...I've turned my dining room into a library and eat in the living room now.