Monday, August 28, 2006

Good day :D

Evening everyone :D

guess what?

If you've guessed that Nath just came back from the book store, congrats, you've guessed right :D All right, so I had a good day... I'm back at the lab and motivated enough to work, that's always good. It's US Open time, so I have tennis to watch and Justine Henin-Hardenne, my fav., won today. My lab tech gave me a 25$ gift certificate for HMV... and I gased at 99.4 cents/liter instead of over a dollar. However, best of all is that Chapters/Indigo are giving out gift cards of unknown amount (could be 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 1000$), so I got one today and I plan to get another one tomorrow :P

Onto another subject... I was reading Mailyn's blog not long ago and she said that she has a fetish for big, fat books :P So I was wondering what was everyone's fetish or habit when buying books, good or bad. Me, I have a syndrome. The "I want my books. NOW" syndrome. When books are concerned, I'm too impatient and I just can't wait. The moment I know the books are available in the book store, I'll do whatever possible to go buy it, even if it means detour or whatever. I could even buy 2 copies of the books if it meant I had it in my hands faster :P So, what about you guys?

By the way, if anyone's wondering, I got my hands on Morrigan Cross by Nora Roberts and Caroline's Journal by Katherine Stone. Oh, and I need some suggestions for my buy tomorrow. I thought Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas and... hmmm... can't remember, oups :P but if you have any suggestion, they're welcomed.


  1. Oooh, Ooooh you have to read Dreaming of You!!!! You simply must *g*

  2. Yeah, that's what I figured out after seeing your top 25 and after reading the reviews at Sanctuary's Finest :P

  3. I agree you have to read Dreaming of You. :)

    I picked up the new NR over the weekend as well. I hope its better than her last series!

  4. Hey valeen :D

    I'm on my way... going to buy it this evening. As for NR, I hope so too... I read the first volume of the Garden trilogy and never bother with the rest. I wasn't a fan of the Key trilogy either... At least, for this trilogy, it's coming out every month... don't have to wait too long.

  5. Asides from big and fath books I am a sucker for pretty covers BUT I will read the description. If I don't like it then it's a no-go. Most of the time. I have been known to fall prey to a pretty cover once in a while.

    Squeeeee!!!!!!!! I could spend all day at the Barnes & Nobles. I love browsing through books and reading a few chapters. Mehehe.

    BTW, can I vote that you read Dreaming of You? Yes, it's a club and we are so getting you in with us. LOL.

  6. I vote yes to Dreaming of you as well, it was great. By looking at your list I would guess that you like Nora Roberts. I have not read her yet, except for her JR Robb books, but I am going to try her Circle trilogy. It looks like it would appeal to me.

  7. Hey ppl :) ah well, as you'll find out in my next post, Dreaming of You will have to wait... I'll certainly buy it, but not this week :(

    Mailyn - covers are important... i don't know why some don't understand (esp. those in charge of designing covers... I mean, would you buy those covers?!!? No, well that means customers won't either.)

    Kris - Yup, I'm a fan of Nora Roberts :) Esp. her later books written in the late 90's till today... they're better :)

  8. I have the "I want my books now" syndrome too! And it's really stupid because usually I get all excited about buying a book, but then I realize I have all these other great books to read, so it ends up sitting in my TBR for a couple weeks anyway.

    *sigh* But I still want them immediately. LOL.

  9. hey jennie :D

    usually, i don't have difficulty to read the books I just bought... however, I'm starting to have a TBR pile and that scares me. I guess it's the price to pay once school years are over and you're going into the working world. sad. anyway, the worst is that I knew I didn't have time to read that night - working late, getting home late and watching the us open. but still, i needed to have it. go figure

  10. my fetish are simply old books. That's it, I can't resist and old leathbound or cloth bound book with a title I recognize.

    Oh and bookshelves ... tons and tons of bookshelves.

    btw, I haven't read NR in eons ... she still good?

  11. Hey Zeek :)

    Old books... hmmm, that's a fetish I don't share :) As for NR, what's the last thing you read by her? She still good... but I think I'm doing an overdose ^^;