Saturday, August 26, 2006

Katherine Stone and a recent read

I don't wanna go to work!!! someone, save me!

As if... :P anyway, the above is my feeling... I've been watching House M.D. Season 2 the whole week-end and I must say, it's really entertaining. I just enjoy House so much and I can't wait for the première and see what happens.

All right, onto what I wanted to say tonight... Katherine Stone.

Who here has read her books and what do you think? My first novel by Katherine Stone was Pearl Moon and I just loved it. LOVED IT. I think that it still ranks as one of my fav. book... and it'd be in my top 25. (Top 25 fav. is coming soon as well as what I've read and not read in the top 100) Her stories usually focus on relationships, some internal battle, and most of the time, they'll be a medical condition, so it kind of follow a recipe, but I can't help it and find it really touching :) Actually, most of the time I end up shedding some tears and my heart aches, but it's good. So I've just discovered that Caroline's Journal is out, her newest book. I usually don't keep tag on her coming book, because she writes one a year and her website isn't really interesting... It's strange tho, cos I'd swear her last book came out during winter... Anyway, I'm happy and can't wait to read this one. It sounds really, really interesting... here's the blurb:

Caroline, a successful architect, is finally and joyfully pregnant. She keeps a journal throughout her pregnancy, conveying her feelings and plans, and is also reestablishing her relationship with her much younger sister, Meg. Meanwhile, her husband is prosecuting a murder case involving a pregnant woman, and as a father-to-be he finds the case particularly distressing. When Caroline has feelings of foreboding, she chalks it up to her usual worrying. But at the start of her third trimester she is diagnosed with preeclampsia, and Caroline discovers that it will be a struggle to keep both her and her baby safe. Katherine Stone once again brings her readers a deeply emotional and very relevant story.

So, what do you think?

Queen by Sharon Sala: 3.75/5

Queen is the first book of a trilogy: Queen, Diamond and Lucky. So Queen, Diamond and Lucky Houston are the daughters of the town gambler who just died. Diamond has been recruited by a singer and gone with him to Nashville while Queen and Lucky sell the house and split the money. Both sisters leave their little town where nobody cares about them to realize their dreams and start a new life: Lucky heads for Las Vegas while Queen wants to go to California.

On her way to California, the bus breaks down and Queen embarks onto another bus, this one heading to Denver (or Detroit). At the bus station, Queen stumbles onto 3 boys: Donny (13), Will (10) and J.J. (7). The boys' father hasn't come home for the night, so Donny brought his brothers into town to talk to the Sheriff... the sheriff is concerned and calls Social services. Donny is sure that his father wouldn't abandon them overnight and something must have happened to him... however, Social services woman doesn't want to hear about it and tell them to follow her. Queen, for some unknown reasons, comes to the rescue of the kids and passes out as their aunt. She stays with the boys until their father, Cody Bonner, comes back. Although this was not the new life Queen wanted, Queen ended up staying as the Bonner's housekeeper to help Cody keeps custody of the boys and because she fell in love with the boys... and of course, their father.

Well I liked the book :) but I'm not sure about the 2 others... So the good: you had some building of relationship and some changes in the characters. Cody and Queen didn't jump into each other's arms right away, it actually took time before they admitted having feelings for each other and falling in bed together. I liked the kids, they were nice and protective and stuff. The story flowed quite smoothly and at the end, Cody's father-in-law stood up to his wife. So, what's the bad? Well, not much really... the only few things that bothered me: never knew if Cody really loved his wife and if yes,why? Then, it seems that Cody's best friend, Dennis, altho he knows there's no hope, is in luv with Queen. Last, why is the woman on the cover have brown hair when Queen is a red-headed? Even more funneh, why does the women on the next two covers have orange hair when they're supposed to be brunette and blond? Did someone read the stories before designing the covers?!?

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