Monday, October 09, 2006

2 reviews for one

So, the long week-end is almost over... in about 2 hours, which means I have two hours to deliever the review I promise :D and as a bonus, you get an extra review :P anyway, here it is:

Golden Threads by Kay Hooper: 3.5/5

Lara Mason isn't really Lara Mason... her real last name is something else (sorreh, can't remember and can't find it again in the book). A year ago, her father got murdered while he was investigating an organization that was stealing plans and information of some governmental projects and so, for the past year, she's been part of the Witness Protection program and has hiding in this little town. However, she's been feeling jailed up and so have decided to participate into the town theater production of Rapunzel. At the same time, appears Devon, a new stranger in town who gets the Prince role and some incidents have been happening to Lara (almost being hit by a car, her house being broken in, etc.)... Turns out more information and plans have been disappearing and two groups are after Lara: the bad guys and the FBI because Lara's father had some important proofs that are still hidden and figure that Lara would know where it is...

I actually quite enjoyed the book... However, it is quite out-dated ^^; My big issue with this book was that Devon and Lara got together too fast, but aside from that, it was nice. Two major things that I liked? The reappearance of Cyrus Fortune, who is the main character of The Matchmaker and Ching, Lara's cat. I have to say, I'm not an animal lover (not dog or cat or any other animals), but esp. not cat cos I don't find them as affectionated as dogs... Anyway, I don't love the real version, but I do enjoy their antics in books... but that's usually dogs. I mean, cat don't usually do much, even in books. Kay Hooper's cats are different and so I really liked Lara's cat, Ching. I guess, it's mostly because he didn't act like a cat.

So would I recommend this book? I'd say if you're a fan of Kay Hooper and you've never read this book, go ahead... if you're not, well you can skip as it is not earth shattering... a nice romance novels, but there's probably newer books that you'd like to read :P

I'm in no Mood for Love by Rachel Gibson: 3.5/5

I'm in no Mood for Love is the second book of a series of 4, I guess, featuring Claresta Wingate, a historical romance author. Just before her friend's wedding ceremony, Clare discovers her fiancé having sex in her closet... with the Sears repairMAN. So of course, she's shocked... goes to the ceremony, acts as one of the bridemaids, manages to get drunk and wakes up with in a hotel room with a man... and not any man, but Sebatien Vaughan, the gardener's son and boy that played so many tricks on her when she was younger. Turns out they didn't have sex, altho she believed so for awhile. However, both are definitively attracted to each other... and what are they going to do with this attraction?

So, I did enjoy this book, but I did have some problems with it too. I like the tone, the pace and the writing... The characters were all right, but I guess what I didn't like is that almost nothing happened ^^; I don't have problems with characters-focus books... but in this case, it seems to me that the book could have been cut in half and it would have changed nothing, i.e. nothing would have been cut out of the storyline. I thought that the some parts were made more important than necessary. Eg: safe sex, while important, the author didn't have to dwell on it (the whole scene where Clare had to call to set the appointment and then, tell Sebastien to test himself too.) Also, the whole part about Clare having loved Lonny (the gay boyfriend) and then, missing him and later, being okay, no longer heart-broken. I mean, usually, in characters-focus books, the story will focus on relationship... but in this case, you get the occasional get-together with her friends, which was nice, cos that was pretty much lacking in the previous book, Sex, Lies and Online Dating, and although Sebastien and his father's relationship gets better... that's it. Hmmm... not a whole lot of relationship happening here... and Clare and her mother's relationship still remain quite crappy... However, MY biggest problem with this book was Clare at the end... I've never been fond of characters, esp. female main characters, having sex with the main male lead and thinking: it was just sex. First time, okay.. but when it becomes obvious that they're having a relationship and they still believe it's just sex, it's just stupid too me. Otherwise, the book is good... although I'm not sure I'm interested in the next one of the series.

So there were my reviews :D By the way, my TBR pile has increased as I've acquired new books (4: Taken by Barbara Freethy, A Season to be Sinful by Jo Goodman, Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare and Retrieval by Jeanie London) and I've also spent the week-end re-reading the Black Jewels trilogy.