Friday, October 06, 2006

lil update

Yes, yes... I'm still alive and yes, I've been reading :D

- I got at least one review planned for this week-end, Kay Hooper's Golden Thread; however, as it is a long week-end, there should be more :D

- I'm going to start Poison Study very soon as I just got Indigo's shipping confirmation of Magic Study... It should be here by at least Friday...

- Other good news, I finally got Lord of Scoundrel by Loretta Chase after 2 months of waiting!!! I'm going to read it soon, well no choice since it's a library book... but damn, I wish Avon would re-release it soon.

- I did go book shopping... It seems like it had become a weekly activity... or perhaps, I should say, a bi-weekly activity ^^; I got:
+ Dream Thief by Shana Abe (bought it on an impulse... was going to wait to buy it online... or at least, wait for Kristie's review... but just couldn't).
+ I'm in no Mood for Love by Rachel Gibson
+ Circle of Dance by Nora Roberts
+ Played by Barbara Freethy (by the way, anyone who read Taken? it seems like the prequel)
+ Sheer Dynamite by Jennifer Skully (pretty much an impulse buy)

- I've pretty much given up on cruising the net to keep up with every month's releases... because I just can't keep up... there's so much. anyway, for the paranormal reads, I have Dancechica which has official become my paranormal book pimper :P However, I know that this month, there's two books that I want: No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole and Billionaire likes Blonde by Suzanne Enoch.

- By the way, I'm such a bad blogger ^^; and I'm so late with my blog pimping ^^; As most of you already know, I'm part of two new blogs: Twisted Kingdom and Perfect Drug. (I don't know how to put up the nice banners and buttons Mailyn designed ^^;; Help, Mailyn!) Anyway, Twisted Kingdom is a blog about fantasy and paranormal books whilce Perfect Drug focuses on manga, anime, graphic novel and so on. Enjoy!

- Good news... i found Eyeshield21 scanslation in French... I could kiss the scanslation team for their good work! I've been dying to know what was happening and since the English scanslation've been stucked for awhile, I was really glad. So that was what I've been reading yesterday's night... Luv Hiruma, so hilarious!

- Oh... and I have to share this. Not as nice as the eyecandy that Mailyn has provided a few days ago as they are not real, but drawings (which I have to add, is such a shame!!). Still, they're good for me. I just found Haru wo daita ite's artbook and I've written a review of the manga which is available at Perfect Drug blog. So here are some pages part of the artbook... Man, I wish I could draw like that...


  1. I just bought The Dream Theif on impulse too. I jumped into my hands and I had to buy it!

    Oooh, enjoy Poison Study and Lord of Scoundrels. Good stuff!

  2. Glad you're still alive Nath. LOL

    My book buying has severely gone down. I think because my TBR has gotten so big, it's causing me anxiety. I'm scared of my books! hehe

    Hope you have a nice long weekend!!!

  3. Jennie - yeah, I understand the feeling :D I'm just a tiny bit disappointed that we don't get to see Rue and Kit that much tho. Otherwise, the story was quite good :)

    As for Poison Study and LoS, I'm aware: good stuff :D

    Ames - Yep, still here :D my TBR pile is getting big too, but can't stop me from buying books ^^;

    have a nice week-end girls ;D

  4. Good to hear from you again. :) I had not heard of Poison Study before your site, but I found it at the library and am going to give it a try.
    I love the pics, they are very nice!

  5. Kris - sorry for not answering your comment earlier ^^; You're lucky, you actually found Poison Study at your library... wow :D Although Poison Study have been out for nearly a year I believe, the hip of the book has just started lately :D I'm just one of many as well who've been following the hip :D But I truly hope you enjoy the book :D