Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quick review

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You know, I really like it to come to work early... it's 8am right now (I've been at work for an hour already) and there's 4 persons in the lab, me included... no one to look over your shoulder to see if you're working or not :P Which allows me to do some blog hopping and this quick review.

A Season to be Sinful by Jo Goodman: 3/5

So after reading One Forbidden Evening earlier this summer, I got curious and wanted to read A Season to be Sinful, mainly for Sherry, the viscount, but also for the 3 scoundrels Pinch, Dash and Midge. All in all, the characters did not disappoint me that much; however, I cannot say that I loved this book.

So one night, Alexander Graham, viscount Sheridan also known as Sherry, went to the theater with his mistress and almost got stabbed. He assumed that the one trying to stab him was thief; however, this say thief stumbled over his own blade. Hmmm, after consideration, Sherry wondered how the thief could stabbed himself instead of stab him and so, Sherry has been going around, asking to be led to the thief to give him some money. Of course, he didn't find the thief, but another night, three boys show up and ask for the money in order to save their teacher, Miss Lily Rose. At this point, Sherry is pretty shocked that his assaillant was a woman and ask the boys to guide him to her, along with his physician. At this point, Sherry manages to save the live of Lily and become protective of the three scoundrels. Once Lily is strong enough, they depart to his country estate where Sherry, prior to the accident, had decided to go live permanently, because he does not enjoy London. Of course, Sherry and Lily become involved...

... and this is about the part that I stop reading the book. Not because the story wasn't good, but because the plot took a turn that I didn't care for. See, Lily Rose, real name Lilith, was raised at the Abbey of Sacre-Coeur in France. When she was about 16 years old, this English baron came to look for a governess for his children... Yeah right, the pervert came to look for a toy and his sight settled on Lily. At Sister Mary Joseph urgence, Lily runs away and is supposed to make her way to England, but she ends up in the Baron's clutches and become his toy for the next 1 or 2 years... This was part of the plot that I didn't expect and seriously, it totally threw me off. I guess the readers are made to believe that Lily escaped the fate of becoming the baron sex toy by running away and living on the street, and so that's what I believed. However, that's not what happened and really, that's not what I was expecting to read... and that's why I put the book down. Wasn't interested anymore. Next time, dear author, please give me more warning ^^; What I really found unbelievable though was that in a few years, Lily rebound and she was able to make love with Sherry without any problem, I even think that she seduced him and in many instances, initiate the kiss.

Mind you, I don't need my heroines to all be virgins and I have to admit, that it's becoming a common plot, esp. in historicals and so I embrace it when there's some differences in plot. However, I'd believed that when you've been used sexually as she was, you'd be wary a bit... and I just thought that it was quite unbelievable that she could make love with Sherry with no fear or other feelings. So yeah, didn't like that part of the book... actually, what happened is that it made me really sad... You know, you never really like to read about a woman being sexually abused, even less when she's been used and psychologically manipulated. Good for her to have escaped, but that didn't redeem what happened in my heart and so, I didn't really read the end of the book, because at this point, I know I would not have liked the book.

Otherwise, I thought the first half of the book was very well constructed and showed great promises. However, as Tara Marie once said, Jo Goodman's books tend to be long and I think that was the case with this book too...

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  1. Hmmm, a 3/5, huh? I'll add this to my tbr list but get to it when I get to it...very long books scare me, even if there are only 300 pages in them. LOL.

    Good review though sweets!

  2. Hmm...I've never read this author and by others' reviews of her books, I don't think I will. Thanks Nath. :P

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  4. I did not realize that I had read this book already. I cannot remember though if I really liked it or not. But I guess if I had loved it, it would have stuck in my mind better and I would have remembered reading it.

  5. dylan - yeah, 3/5 :P I think there's a lots of narration between conversations and that's why the book looks so long... Hope you enjoy it.

    ames - welcome :D I'm happy to help anyone saving money by not buying them :) altho I know that it's mean you're going to spend it on other books :D and it's probably going to be my last of this author's books I think.

    kris - yeah, if you don't remember it, then it hasn't made a great impact on you :D You were probably neutral to it: didn't like it, but didn't hate it :)

  6. Ahhh - to bad this one didn't work for you. I love her writing but I know she isn't for everyone. Good review, even if you didn't like it that much.

  7. Staying far away from this. A 3 is not enough to guarantee a place in the TBr. Oh gawd I NEED to ffinish my TBR! I am having nigthmares with it. LOL. Great review!

  8. Kristie - I know you like this author :D I liked the beginning good enough, but then, the twist in the plot was just something I didn't expect.

    Mailyn - welcome back :) You now get to join the ranks of those who have to finish their TBR pile. :D Hope you don't get TBR anxiety like Ames :D

  9. LOL. I've had TBR anxiety ever since I GOT my TBR. I never used to have a TBR. I always finished books before I bought more. Ugh. LOL.

  10. Mailyn - me neither... but i'm not in a hurry to finish my TBR pile. You know what? I just empty my bag this morning in the car, cos I was looking for something... and I am proud to announce that in my bag, I am carrying 6 books. Yep, 6... well okay, 3 I've actually never read, but still... What can I say, I like to have a choice when I'm reading LOL