Thursday, October 26, 2006

My turn!!

Hello everyone,

So I got tagged by Mailyn to reveal 5 things I know are true. This is my first tag, isn't that exciting? Okay, maybe not... So here we go:

I buy too much books - ha, I know, it wasn't what you wanted to know right? Okay, here we go for real:

1. I like wearing glasses and I think I'm prettier with them or at least, look better.

2. I'm spoiled rotten - I don't have much worries in life and my parents take care of everything... I mean, I'm quite lucky, but at the same time, I feel quite guilty.

3. I don't like long hair on guys and so I don't understand Sherrilyn Kenyon's fetish. I mean, most of the time, it looks really unkept and dirty. I like it short or a tiny bit long and ruffled. I don't like chest hair either...

4. I'm not that confident in myself and I often feel invisible.

5. All right, this is the big revelation. If Kristie can say that she's missing sex and Mailyn is saying that she needs to get laid, then I don't have to be shy and I can say it... deep breath... I'm 23 y.o. and have never gone out, kissed or had sex with a guy. See now the need for romance in my life? I've always wanted kids before 30, but I don't think that'll be happening...

So you got it... there, 5 things I know that are true.

ps - I finished MAGIC Study :) Loved it... will have review tomorrow ;D

pps - oups, forgot to tag somebody. At this point, whoever hasn't been tagged, you're it!


  1. #1- I don't need glasses but I love the way I look in them! I often think of buying a pair of fake ones just for fashion!

    #2- Nothing wrong with that! Don't feel guilty! Some days I wish I was as taken care of! (Worrying about how the bills will get paid is the pits!)

    #3- Some guys look better than others in long hair!

    #4- You're not invisible! We see you and so does your family!

    #5- 23 is still so young! I wish I had waited for the man I'm going to marry! I truly do!!

  2. LOL at # 3. Different generations I think since I love it. You simply must find a picture of Adrian Paul during his Highlander days *g*.
    I know how you feel with #4 - I feel the same way to many times. But Zeek is right! We see you and you're special to us.
    And Zeke is right with # 5 too. When I met and married I was 21 and felt at the time felt that was old, but looking back over the space of years and especially having sons that are older than that, I realize I was so very young. But I know that you must feel very lonely about that - I did! But I'm sure when you least expect it, you'll meet some great guy who will knock your socks off.
    And as for #2 - I think the fact that you think you're spoiled rotten means you aren't *g*. When I think of spoiled rotten people, they have a sense of entitlement to them and you obviously really appreciate your parents.

  3. Hi Nath, I loved reading about your truths.

    on #1, as I get older I love wearing my glasses because they hide the bags under my eyes :-)

    On #4 - Do you know how visible and appealing you are? when I surfed here from Nocturnal Wonderings, I could see right away that you were interesting, smart, and kind and I keep coming back!

    On #5. Last year I was reading a group of UK bloggers quite a bit, mostly women in the 25-40 age range. A very interesting topic came up that got a lot of discussion...that of virginity and the age that people became sexually active. It was very interesting to me to see many of them shyly reveal that they went to college as virgins or even still hadn't found a partner in their 20s. It was clear to me that it may be more than norm that you think. Maybe its something with our modern western culture.
    Even though I got married the first time at 20 I was often amazed to read in books how relaxed and comfortable women were with sex and sexuality after only a few times. I don't think that 's the norm either. (I admit I grew up in a strict Catholic family which did some harm too though).
    anyway, I know there is a lot of loneliness associated with not having a boyfriend, lover, partner and there isn't any easy solution to that. keep working on yourself and being the best person you can be and you will attract the right people into your life.

  4. I need glasses and I hate them! They cramp my style so I wear contacts whenever I go out. LOL.

    I used to be spoiled and I agree with Zeek, you have nothing to feel guilty about! Enjoy it while you can! :-)

    Also agree with Zeek. SOme guys look gorgeous with long hair. Hello?!?! Andy Lau in Condor Heroes!!!!

    You are not invisible my friend. You need to be more confident. You are FABULOUS and you just ned to realize it. When you do, everyone around you will too. :-)

    Psht..that's not a bad thing! I know of 30 year old virgins. AIn't nothing wrong with that. If you are waiting for the right one, or if it's against your beliefs, it doesn't matter. You need to do things in your own time and when you are ready, not when "society" or anyone else thinks is right.

    I am glad me not getting laid has helped you out in some way. LMAO.

  5. #1 me too! We look smarter too. :)

    #3 YES! I don't get long hair on guys. They look smarmy or cheesy to me. Kristie, maybe it is a generational thing.

    #5--There is SO nothing wrong with waiting for the right guy! I think it's a great thing not to be tied to someone in your twenties. You can figure out exactly what you want to do and do it. Boyfriends can weigh you down! Plenty of time later for being part of a couple. ;)

  6. Okay, I guess I'll address this first: See, I don't mind being a virgin and I'm hoping that the first time will be with the guy who'll become my husbad. Truly. The thing that I longed I guess is a relationship :P

    Oh for #4, yes I know ;D I'm not invisible on blogland or with my family... but with my friends, I sometimes wonder... I'm tired of always doing the first step I guess.

    Zeek - If you like it, you should buy fake glasses :D I think it's cool and it's another tool to show your personality. I'm quite happy I don't pay the bills tho :P

    Kristie - I guess so for the hair. I mean, for Sherrilyn Kenyon, every of her heroes have long hair (at least the Dark Hunter...) so i'm like, what's the big fetish? You know, can't someone has short hair for once? I probably should find a pic of Adrian Paul... by the way Kristie, do you know who's Fabio is and what you think of him? And Kristie, same goes for you, you're not invisible! We love you and need you!

    Laura - well that's a different reason to like glasses! Your comment to no. 4... nope, didn't know! Glad you let me know :D

    Mailyn - Okay, okay... Andy Lau has great hair in Condor Heroes, but that's different! I mean, most guys in those type of TV series, they have their bangs tied up and that makes it look clean... and rarely, will you see it curly or even wavy. I like that type, but in real life, it's a different story! By the way, Mailyn... I post a link to the sub Return of Condor Heroes 2006 in the other comments, did you see it? Or do you want me to re-post?

    Jennie - :D Yeah, I agree with with smarmy... I mean, most of them don't have nice hair so it looks awkward.

  7. Nath, my copy of Magic Study is headed my way from Amazon. Is it better, worse, or as good as Poison Study...

  8. Kailana - I would say as good if not better :D

  9. Oh, good! I can't wait to get it!

    I agree with #1 completely-I don't need to wear mine all the time but I totally do. LOL #4 for sure. And #5-don't feel bad. I'll email you why.

  11. I can relate to ALL your points...except for the long hair thing 'cause that's hot! LOL. And the glasses. I have to wear glasses but I look better w/o them so I wear contacts when I feel like it. I kind of want that lasser eye surgery but I'm scared that ten years down the road, something will go wrong and I'll be blind or something. That'd suck. lol.

    But you really are a cool, kind person so you should feel more confident! I know it isn't easy though. But remember that we all care about you!

    Okay, guess I need to go work on my truths huh? I loved reading yours! :-D

  12. Ames - Ever since I got my first pair of glasses, I just always wear them. Most of the time, I also sleep with them on, cos well, I just fall asleep and forget to take them off.

    DC - For the long hair, well perhaps on some guys, it is nice... but most of the time, it looks unkept.... so no thanks for me.

    and I can't wait for your truths :D