Monday, October 23, 2006

Review: My favorite witch by Annette Blair

Hmmm, so I got My Favorite Witch last Thursday and read it yesterday. I knew it was part of a series, but I didn't get the first book Kitchen Witch, altho I was tempted. Anyway, here's what I thought...

My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair: 2/5

Okay, I admit it, I got the book because of its cover and probably because it's soon Halloween. And yeah, the blurb on the back sounded promising. So what happened?

Jason Pickering Goddard is a goalie in the NHL, but he's out at the moment due to an injury. While resting, his grandmother who raised him enlisted him to be the Director of Special Events at the Pickering Foundations. Basically, the Pickering Foundations own a couple of mansions with historic value and is in charge of St. Anthony's, a boy orphanage. To help him, Bessie (the grandmother) hired Kira Fitzgerald. So both work together, they're quite attracted to each other... however, Kira just got out of a painful relationship and has swore off men while Jason's main priority is to rest and go back to play hockey.

Lots of things happened in this book. Actually, too much. It seemed to me that the story was all over the place. One minute they were doing something, the next they were kissing, then the other minute, they were talking about Harvey (Jason's hockey stick - both literally and figuratively) and so on. I really had a lot of difficulty to follow the storyline and at some point, I was like, huh? So what they kept talking about were mansions?

In the blurb, it mentioned that Kira "was a sexy witch cursed by a cheating ex-fiance"... I kept waiting the curse, but I guess I read the sentence wrong, cos there really was no mention of a curse. Oh by the way, for those who wonder, Kira's not really a witch... more like a Wiccan, so she plays a bit with good/white magic, but it's not really important and so, if the author took out that part, it wouldn't really change the story. Kira and Jason were both okay characters, but nothing that made them memorable... and the storyline couldn't save the book. So pretty disappointing.

By the way, it seems that the author tried to drag on the story near the end, cos it really didn't make sense to me. 1) the majority of Jason's doctors said that he wouldn't be able to play hockey anymore... and although it is mentioned once that he has some rehab, it seems quite out of nowhere to me that he could play hockey again... and so fast... It was supposed to take 6 months, but the book doesn't span a six months period. 2) I don't understand why Jason didn't make it clear where he stood with Kira. I mean, he rushes back to hockey and Kira is sure that he won't be back. Then, he comes back to her to have sex and he's gone again for another match and meanwhile, Kira is like pinning... it's over... I'm like, this could have been so avoided if both said something like: so what about our relationship in the future? 3) the orphanage. I actually liked the little boys (but they weren't mentioned enough in my opinion)... and I understand why Jason and Kira adopted the twins, but I'm like, isn't that a bit unfair to the rest of the boys? See, Jason and Kira become coaches for the hockey team so they get to interact with all the boys on the hockey team and I'm like, that's just unfair for the rest. But that's probably just me.

anyway, final opinion: I won't be buying the first or the last book of the series.


  1. Hmmm ~ Well the summary sounded promising but I'm not sure I'd want to read this. Too bad ~ I'm always up for a new "new to me" author. Hopefully the next book you read will be better.

  2. Devonna - I agree with you... the blurb on the back of the book sounded so promising, much more than Kitchen Witch, which is why I cave in and bought it... too bad it wasn't as good as expected. but the cover's cute. I know, I like "new to me" authors, esp. if they're good and have a long back-list :P

  3. I have The Kitchen Witch in my tbr pile, but it keeps getting moved back by other things. If I move it back for too much longer, I will probably just give up on it and trade it in.

    PS finished Poison Study and am almost done with Magic Study, both are great!!

  4. I was thinking about trying one of her books because I love books about witches, but maybe I'll pass. Doesn't sound like I'd like it much either...

  5. Now while I love stories with athletes as heros (See Jane Score is great!) this one still doesn't appeal to me. I did attempt to read the Kitchen Witch and it just didn't work for me at all. So I think, despite my love of the athlete hero, I'll be skipping this one.

  6. Kris - at least, the author gets very nice cover. I think another problem I got with this book was the size of the font... The book is quite thin and it seems the writing is all crammed inside. anyway, hopefully, you'll get to read it (cos after all, you bought it). I've just started Poison Study :P but can't wait for your review.

    Jennie - well, I did say over at Twisted Kingdom that witches weren't my favorite paranormal characters, but I never turn down a good book or good characters. In this case, Kira as a witch was kept to bare minimum. I mean, she does say a few spell, but it's not like she had that much power. Instead, it's more like you and me trying our hand at white magic, only she knows what she's doing. So yeah, you might want to pass as I don't consider her a "real" witc :P

    Kristie - I kind of like those stories too, with the athletes as heros... but I have to admit, I'm starting to find it redundant when say athlete is injured and the only thing he's looking forward is to get back in the pro league. sigh. I think it would be a wise decision to skip it, esp. since Kitchen Witch didn't appeal to you.

  7. The moment you said hockey I was gone. LOL. I don't like contemps much but I especially don't like any books or movies to do with sports. Which I admit is weird since I do love hockey, basketball, etc. LOL.

  8. See the chick lit will burn you every time! HEEEE!

  9. Mailyn - ha :D so you like hockey? I don't... can't understand the game... anyway, I luv sport manga, I don't mind sports in books, but I hate it in movies :P how weird is that?

    Zeek - I don't know if I'd consider this book as a chick-lit :P I think that usually, chick-lit are even thinner/shorter.

  10. Mailyn took the words out of my mouth! Although I have forced myself to read some sport romances from the great reviews but you just saved me money because I was eyeing these ones. Damn covers.


  11. Cindy - I know! The level of niceness of the covers should be equal to the book :D So we know... I think that Avon's author should hire that cover designer tho... S/he doing a real good job :D