Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sigh, another long day at work.

Anyway, I went to buy some books today :D Youppi! Then, after buying them, I start thinking that soon, I'm going to have to slow down a bit. Been spending quite a lot of $$ lately and if this continues, I won't be able to save anything. Isn't that depressing?

 So what did I get?

- My favorite Witch by Annette Blair (on a whim)
- Warrior and Witch by Marie Brennan ( I liked the cover)
- The Panther & The Pyramid by Bonnie Vanak

I wanted the prequel to Warrior and Witch, i.e. Doppelganger. On the website, it said that both Chapters and Indigo had a copy, but couldn't find it... argh. Maybe I should go to the drugstore? I did find Slave to Sensation tho... By the way, what's wrong with the employees at Indigo? It seems like someone doesn't know his/her alphabet... I found Warrior and Witch by Marie Brennan after Patricia Briggs. Hmmm... doesn't E comes before I? In addition, Retrieval by Jeanie London was also placed at the wrong place (in the L, but not the right place)... and Played by Barbara Freethy was placed before Lori Forster's books... hmmm. Still can't wait the new Indigo to open tho. At least, they'll have a huge parking while the Indigo and Chapters I'm going to presently are right in the middle of downtown (it's hell to find parking place...)

I also got some manga: Bleach, Aishiteruze Baby, One Piece and Samurai Deeper Kyo (all very very good manga) at another store... which reminds me, my Gap Jeans make the alarm system ring... apparently, there's a tag in the jeans, but employees at Gap don't remove it because they don't have the alarm system to detect it... but bookstores do. So I've been ringing each time I go in or out of those store. Quite embarassing sometimes.

I am currently reading Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. Quite good so far. (Okay, I cheated, I read the ending...) Now, I only have the middle left to read. I really like Jessica Trent... luv that she shot Dain. He deserved it... but then, he's twisted. Don't we love twisted guys?

Many of you have been posting their opinions on TV series. Well, now it's my turn (yeah, I know, I'm not really original... but who cares?) I don't watch American/Canadian TV much. Instead, I rent Chinese TV series (Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China) that are dubbed in vietnamese (Yes, Vietnamese speaks vietnamese, surprise surprise! - lil pun, you can go see Mailyn's today rant to understand). Anyway, so I watch Chinese TV series and these are the one I'm looking forward to:

Return of the Condor Heroes

This is a TV adaptation of Jin Yong (Louis Cha) very popular novel Return of the Condor Heroes. It's basically a martial art novel, but with lots and lots of romance. The 1983's version of Hong Kong was my first chinese TV series ever and since then, I've been hooked. I also enjoyed the 1995's version a LOT... Anyway, this series came out last March in China... I basically have to wait 1 freaking year to see it in viet (yeah, I d/l the chinese version and I know the story, so I know what's happening, but not understanding is not the same). By the way, please God, make them get really good voice actors! Please, please, please... Anyway, below are some pics. Ain't she pretty? At first, I really had doubts on her acting, but she did a fabulous job. Anyway, ain't she good (4th pic)... she used to be a dancer and she's like 19 y.o. when this series was filmed. The scenery is awesome too. (I couldn't find a fighting scene to post tho...)

Royal Blood and Stained Sword

From the same author... I wish this adaptation will be good, because the past 2 sucked. But then, the author did change the story a bit. Oh well, I'll just tell myself he never :P I actually don't like the cast that much, except for one actress which is the one in the first pic. The guy is really ugly... and the main female lead, well she didn't luck out and didn't get a really nice hairstyle and costume... ain't it sad? Oh, and there's this great actor, but he's only making guest appearance. Sigh... Been waiting for this series to be released in China ever since ROCH was released... so that's what? The whole summer already?

Last series, Flying Fox in the Snowy Mountain

Again, same author. This one, I'm hesitant. It's not the same producer/director as the previous two. And this producer is known to screw up his adaptation. It is actually so frustrating, because from the filming, you can already tell that they changed a LOT. By the way, what's up with the costum design? Yes, yes, we know... the title is Flying Fox, but you don't have to take is as a theme and one of the character has dreadlocks. Hello?? How can he look heroic with dreadlocks?!? But then, for the actor, I guess having dreadlocks is better than having half his head shaved... I like the cast tho...


  1. Hmm - can't speak for your first two purchases. I tried another Annette Blair witch book but it didn't really work for me and I haven't read the second one - but I'll be anxiously awaiting to see what you think of the third :)

    Those look like very interesting television series you're watching! Do they dub then in English too? And are they hard to find? I don't think I've ever seen televsion shows on DVD from other countries around here.


    You got Warrior & Witch?? YOu got Bleach and Kyo???? You got Condor Heroes??? With Andy Lau??????

    Not Fair!!! You got everything!!!!

    OK, I feel better now. :-P

    Damn it those series look AWESOME but the place I rent from decided to get the better series WITHOUT subtitles. Hello!! We are NOT all Chinese!!! I can't rent any more series. :-(

    LMAO, I thought you spoke Japanese??? ;-P

    Man those series look good!!!!!! (T_T)

    I'm so jealous right about now. LOL.

  3. How can you read the ending of a book? I find that so crazy. LOL And yeah, just keep rubbing in all the books you're buying. Whatever.

    Just kidding, at least someone has room to buy books. :P


    Girls, the link above will bring you to a forum's post which has the Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 with English subtitles. You download it through megaupload. Enjoy!

    Kristie - Well, I didn't try out Annette Blair's first witch book; however, this one sounded better (at least, the blurb did). I don't know, I bought it on a whim (which I should try to limit myself...) So this is the third? cos I only saw the first one... but they don't seem to be a series. But I'll let you know if I like it or not (might taka awhile tho).

    Hmm, as for the tv series, to my knowledge, they don't dub them in English either. You can't really find them in regular stores either ^^; You actually have to go to specialized rental stores (usually, in the language you want) to find them.

    Mailyn - OMG OMG I am SO FRIGGING JEALOUS!!!!!

    that wasn't my intention, I swear :D Yep, I got Warrior & Witch - I really liked the cover. By the way, did you read Doppelganger? I'm curious about that one! (and I always consider it a good sign when the covers from a book to the next improves so dramatically :D) Yeah, got Bleach vol. 18 and Kyo vol. 28 :P and you know what? Bleach came with a little magnet of Ichigo... it's really cool how those French publishing houses are trying to do like Japanese and have some tokens... Actually, Condor Heroes with Andy Lau was the one I was referring to, my first series. Wasn't it awesome? I thought Idy Chan who played Little Dragon was the most beautiful lady. I never own a copy of it actually, but my rental store still has the tapes and a friend of mine too. In addition, they're selling the DVDs now. By the way, did you ever watch Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils? Because it seems like there's a tradition: whoever played Little Dragon in Condor Heroes gets to play the beautiful girl in Semi-Gods...

    Well, the new Condor Heroes is quite good :D You can follow the link at the beginning of the post. I didn't even know that the tv series were subbed. TVB too? By the way, if you go to that forum, you'll find plenty of pictures of the other series... I always liked the ancient times one because of the costumes and hairstyles!!!

    I took some class of Japanese. Actually, did level 1 at McGill, but I don't remember much :(

    Ames - Sorreh :P It's not really rubbing in tho, it's sharing. I'll remind you that you did the same no?

    As for reading the end of a book... it a habit I got when I read in viet, because the novels I read used to be a couple of volumes long and I just couldn't wait to know if the guy and girl ended up together or not. Anyway, I kept that habit... so now, when I read a book, I usually try to imagine how the author gets to the ending. Also, it saves me from the not HEA-ending books.

  5. Ok Nath, you made a point, I did rub it in a little. LOL And I can see your point about reading the end first.

    You're the winner. :P

  6. Ames - LOL. No winner, no loser :D we're both right :D