Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ha! Side bar updated

Hey girls...

look on your right! What do you see? Yes, different covers! it actually looks quite nice :D Hmmm, I've been wanting to change the look of my blog lately (after all, everyone has been changing it - well almost everyone). I wanted a banner with plenty of Natuschan (the lil dumpling), but my friend who draw them is in China at the moment - having fun (How dare you Yeti! Without me!!!) Still, I might try to do some changes on my own and later, have a layout designed specifically to match the banner... anyway, I'm going to try for something with a wider blog space (I mean, have smaller margins).

Anyway, not sure it's going to happen, but it's something I'd like to do...

Enough for tonight :D Night night everyone!


  1. Okay, I sooo don't know how to do that but I can see it's hard work for sure and since I'm opposed to work, hard or soft, I think I'll be skipping it ;)

    Have fun whatever you decide to do, tweak the blog, read some books, whatever ;)


  2. Cindy - yeah, well I might do an attempt or two and if it fails, I'll go back to what I do the best: reading :D and I'm so glad you had a good time in Toronto

  3. Yay she updated her sidebar!! I can help you with what little bit I know, but we all KNOW Mailyn is the true template wizard among us. :P I'm really good at looking for templates. LOL

  4. LMAO, Ames, you aregood! I just saw your new one. :-)

    Natty, can I call you Natty? LOL, ok so I can make you a new layout but I am booked for the next two weeks. No joke. So, if you can wait till the weekend after next [Nov the 5th] then I can make you a new template. :-)

    Oh and no worries dude, I'm not the jealous kind! I just like to bug people like that. Ask Dance Chica, I do it to her all the time! ^_^

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  6. Awww Nath,

    I wish I was template making smart too, but *sigh* I'm not...but I'm goign to bully Ames into giving me some lessons in making my own template code 101, haha...did you hear that Ames? I'm hitting you up! So BEWARE! haha...

    Good luck on the new template Nath, and I love the books on your sidebar, so prettyful it makes your sidebar! I'm gonna go look at them again!

  7. Ames - I know, Mailyn is the expert :D but she's already so busy that I don't really want to add more on her shoulders. But really Ames, your new one is awesome!

    Mailyn - Sure, you can call me Natty :D You know what, I'll take up your offer for the layout when I'll have the dumpling banner :D I know you're busy, so take it easy :D I'm fine, I can do it (I hope/guess :P)

    Dylan - we should gang up on Ames so she teaches the class. We'll seat in it together. Then, Mailyn will teach the next level (where she can wear her cat suit and crack her whip at us :P). And I know, aren't those books looking nice on the sidebar?

  8. Thanks Nath. So what did you have in mind?

  9. LOL! You remembered the catsuit and the whip! Mehehe.

  10. Ames - I want some bright colors and a wider main box to write :D But then, I'm answering your comment a bit too late since I'm done :P

    Mailyn - of course I remembered.