Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Dance Chica!

Happy Birthday Dancechica!

Since this is the first birthday of a fellow blogger that I know, I just want celebrate it :D So Happy B-day Dancechica :D Hope that your wishes become reality (wish for a hotty!) and I wish you to get out of your reading slump by receiving tons and tons of interesting books :D

In other news, it's McGill Bookfair today... basically, it's a charity event where they receive used books during the whole year and sell them during 2 days :D I've been waiting for it ever since the week begun ^^; My game plan today is a) get any books present of the following authors: Suzanne Enoch, Anne Stuart, Sabrina Jeffries, Loretta Chase, Lucy Monroe, Madeline Hunter (anymore I should add?) and b) get any books that sound good :D and c) stay under budget (about 50$). Oh and all in around an hour, because I have to go pick up my sister :D Wish me good luck.

I've also be reading... well actually, I skimmed through The Panther and the Pyramid and yesterday, finally, I sat down and read Poison Study. Wow, I can't wait to read Magic Study (ha, I have it :D it's in my bag!) and can't wait for Fire Study to come out! let's hope they meant January 2007. So reviews for both tonight!

In other news, I DIDN'T HAVE a fight with my dad, which is good :D See, it seems that I had a bout of sleepwalking on Monday night and went into my sis room at 2am in the morning, asking: "Mom, is it time to wake up?" So I laughed, my mom laughed, my sister grunted, cos of course, I woke her up... but my dad worried. Then, he told my sis to tell me to read less. (see, my dad thinks that we'll listen more if it comes from one another instead of from them)... He thinks that I read too much and I'm up in my own world and that's why I sleepwalked. So when my sis told me this, I was totally "NOT TRUE" and well, I was pissed, because what else can I do other than read when I get home? Watch TV? How is that better? and by the way, I usually watch tv and read at the same time... So I was prepping for a fight, with my dad sternly telling me to STOP reading or read LESS. My only really valid argument being: Maybe my sis dreamt it all up. Yeah... In the end, he only look into my room after supper on his way to his room, and said laughingly that I shouldn't read too much. Okay, that's good. I'm going to shut up :D The sad thing is we both know I'm not going to stop reading, so I'm glad he didn't turn it into a fight. Cos I hate it when my dad's angry at me, makes me feel really guilty.

All right, so I'll write up the reviews tonight and let you know what treasure I found at the bookfair :D


  1. My mum talks to her children through each other as well....drives us all crazy!!

  2. OMG DC is going to hate me. I didn't know!!! Or maybe I did and I forgot. Crap!!!!!

    BTW, can't wait for the books! Oh and I got Witchling so I'll let you know what I think soon as I read it. LOL.

    Have you gotten the ones I send you yet?

  3. Hey Marg,

    I'm chicken. I rather talk to my sis than to my dad... I guess it's the mentality I was taught... can't go against dad or mom, cos it's disrespectful.

    Mailyn - Well I haven't seen her around blog land yet, so you can still do a surprise :D And I did get your books (today in fact) Thanx a bunch :D

  4. ps - Mailyn, can't wait for your review!

  5. HEY! I didn't know either!


  6. Hey Zeek :D it was mentioned in one of her comments...