Thursday, October 12, 2006

The story of my life...

... just kidding :P I just thought it'd be a nice title.

1- for anyone who's interested, I confess, I'm a sidebar slacker. I bow to everyone who's been keeping their sidebar up-to-date, I don't know how you do it. I've been reading and buying so much books lately that the sidebar would be changing every day. Perhaps I might, might being the operative word, try to update it once every week-end?

2- I forgot to mention it in my review of A Season to be Sinful, but there's something.... the French in the book! So I'm fluent in French and yes, I do mind a bit about the grammar and spelling mistakes.... So kay, I'm offering... editors, if you either need someone to check on the French in the books, I'm your woman.

3- I went to Indigo today. I wanted to get Slave for Sensation by Nanili Singh... it says there's one copy... but the question is WHERE?!? It wasn't on the shelves... and in the romance section, there were like 5 carts of books so full... after the third one, I gave up...

There was something else, but I can't quite remember at this point... Man, guess I'm glad this wasn't the story of my life :P

Edit - Oh, yeah... I'm a bit disappointed at myself because I forgot to buy The Panther and the Pyramid T_T


  1. The Panthet and the Pyramid??? Bonnie Vanak??? Noooo!!!!!! LOL.

    I have her first three books and I could only try and get through the first one. IT SUCKED!!!! Read my review and crack up. But if you want all 3 you can have em.

  2. Don't worry about the sidebar, Nath. Since you're the only one who seems not to be in a reading slump, we don't notice, cuz our sidebars sure aren't changing much either. LOL

    Don't be afraid to harass the book store clerks! I did that once, the online thingy said that Chapters had so many books in stock, and they did, they just hadn't gotten around to putting said books out on the shelf yet. So I asked and I got one right out of the box.

    I guess I get a bit pushy when it comes to books?

  3. Doesn't that just annoy you like all get out when it says there is a book in the store and you can't find it? I ran into the same thing with this one. But luckily I did find a copy on my third trip. And yea - I'm with Ames - ask the clerks. That's one of the things they get paid for.
    And I'm so far behind on my sidebar it isn't funny too!

    Mailyn: No, no, no I know you didn't like her first 2 books but The Panther and the Pyramid was an excellent book!!! Probably the best one I've read this year. It has a very dark and tortured hero - just the kind you like. Really! don't judge TPATP on the first book (which I haven't read so I can't say for sure) but I'd be willing to make you a wager - you name the terms *g* that if you give this one a try, you'll love it! Seriously! Think of some book you've been really wanting and if you give TPATP a try, then I will send you the book of your choice :)

  4. Mailyn - I'll take up the offer :D by the way, I still have Witchling. am going to send it to you next week, promise. As for The Panther and the Pyramid, well it got good reviews by Cindy and Kristie... what can I say? but I'll read your reviews for sure :D I never never refuse a good laugh :D

    Ames - well, your sidebar has changed more than mine did ^^; I'm just way lazy *blush*

    as for the store clerks, I know, but even if I harass them, they'll be doing the same as me, look in the carts to see if it's there. I'll just wait for them to do their job and return early next week. and we're all pushy when it comes to books, esp. if we want it. NOW. :D

    Kristie - Luv your new layout! Man, I guess I'll have to change mine too :D was it hard? no funneh story to share? :)

    Yes, it annoys me to no end when you see that there's ONE copy and you just can't find it! argh! but at least, it's not so bad this time, cos I have other books to read and it's not like i've been anticipating Slave to Sensation forever. I want to get it because everyone scream KEEPER, KEEPER, KEEPER. However, the author is still unknown to me. You should have seen me with Broken by Kelley Armstrong... the book was one week late because of some distribution problem and I swear, I was checking almost every half hour on their website, went to the bookstore a couple of times to make sure and so on ^^; talk about obsession. Hopefully, if I can't find StS, others won't find it either and i'll be the first one to get my hands on it.

  5. Nath: I have no idea if it was hard or not - twas Mailyn's hard work. And yea - there is a funny story I've yet to tell :)

  6. Hi Nath, CindyS pointed me your way week or so ago but I didn't make it til now.

    You're lucky, your Chapters has bins of romance books. Ours has about 2 five sections of shelf, half of which are Nora Roberts books. I love La Nora as much as anyone but I want more variety. Walmart actually has a better variety around here!

  7. LMAO Kristie, no need to bribe me. If he is tortured then I will try him! I just have to finish my TBR or my mom wsill kill me right after I kill myself for wasting so much money on books I've yet to read. I have TBR pile issues. LOL.

    Nath, no worries. Send me your addy and I'll send you the ones I have.

    Re-sidebar: just open up a LibraryThing account and add your books there. Then add the code to the sidebar and it will take care to display and rotate your books! You can even have two accounts: one for the books you own and have read and one for the ones you've bought and haven't.

  8. I'm lazy about my sidebar too. It's just such a pain to go into your template and make changes. And I'm always a little afraid that I'll mess something up. HTML scares me. ;p

  9. I never know how to change my side bar, I have to get my hubby to make a lot of my changes, cause i am pretty computer illiterate.
    I agree on the getting someone to edit the languages, that would totally bug me. If you are going to use another language use it correctly.
    I used to correct my Hispanic students spelling in class when they would write in Spanish, cause most of them could not spell, and my Spanish is pretty rudimentary.

  10. First, I want to apologize to taking time to answer you guys ^^; Sorreh, haven't been on the net too much the past two days, my sis is monopolizing MY computer.

    Kristie - can't wait to hear that funny story ;)

    Laura - Hello fellow Canadian and welcome to my blog :D Well see, here, Chapters and Indigo are like the only English bookstores and so they make load of money having those romance books. as for Waltmart, they don't have much T_T you know, it's the language thingie :) but yeah, I'm happy with the ones we have :) by the way, do you have a blog? I clicked on your name and I didn't see a blog ^^;

    Mailyn - all right, I'll send you my addy. I've also found a post office that's opened till 9pm on the week days, so it means Witchling will be on its way Monday. Also, I'll have to look into the Library thingie, sounds interesting...

    Jennie - I'm not really afraid, but it's really not that convenient :P cos it means I would have to change it almost on a daily basis ^^; As for the HTML... if something goes wrong, I'm basically screwed... I'm not scared of it tho.

    Kris - Lucky you, you have a hubby to do it :D and I know... having spelling and grammar mistakes in another language... it seems like it sending message to readers who can read and it says like: didn't do enough research or something like, didn't bother. grrr...